I love Adelaide!!

7:44 PM

I am typing this entry from the comforts of a lovely Australian home. My Aussie partner, Ashleigh, is REALLY sweet. In fact, her whole family's really nice. AND they have a CAT!!! It's name is Callum and it has like ten inches of fur. The first time I touched him, my fingers sunk right in. ANYWAY, I shouldn't be talking so much about the cat. I'm sure you wanna hear what it's like here in Adelaide. In three words: Cold and WONDERFUL!! When they said it was cold, I didn't think it was THIS cold. It's FREEZING!!!! I don't think I brought enough clothes 'cos I'm forever wearing layers and layers of clothing. I think i'm gonna be sweating tons when I get back to Singapore. I may get used to the cold and think that Singapore's too hot.

Okay, I'm having an awesome time here. The people are great and not to mention, good-looking. And I mean, both guys and girls. I have to warn y'all, I think i'm gonna have an accent by the time I get back. I can't help it really. You hear people speaking like that you just can't help but do the same. Plus, their accent's really cool. I hope I don't sound like some wannabe-Aussie who can't make it halfway. I did quite a bit of shopping. Alright, may be a little more than a BIT but really not THAT much. I have this feeling that all of y'all reading this are not gonna believe that last line. Most of the stuff I bought are for OTHER PEOPLE, not me. I'm serious that time. I spent SO much money on souveniers.

I don't really have much time to say much. I don't wanna be rude and hog the com all to myself. I'll update everything, including PICTURES! I have a feeling that it'll be a really, really long entry but it'll be a fun one.

Right, for the girls out there thinking if Aussie guys are hot. The answer is YES... sometimes. In fact, it wasn't really Hottie Paradise like I thought it was gonna be but the ones that ARE hot are REALLY HOT! That was abit much but it's the truth. Haha! Next entry: All the little secrets from the Hotel room (THAT'LL be juicy), my trip to Kangaroo Island, All our excursions, Marryatville high, our play, my SHOPPING TRIPS(!!!) and all the other stuff that happened. I'm gonna go sleep now 'cos I have a feeling that I'll be having a long day tomorrow. Oh, my god!! We're going back on FRIDAY!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

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