Waking Up From a Dream

4:50 PM

So, here I am. Back in Singapore, where the sun always shines and scorches. It has been the best ten days of my entire life. I didn't have to worry about anything but the play and shopping. No parents. No school. No work. No stress. No nothing. It was heaven. All I did was have fun while soaking up the awesome Aussie culture. That day I got back was probably one of the saddest days of my life. It was like waking up from a dream. And coming back to reality. Oh, the harsh cold reality! Okay, I'm gonna stop being all melodramatic now. I know people are expecting me to update on all the cool stuff that happened in Adeliade. And trust me, I will not disappoint!

Wednesday, 7 June
This was the day I've been waiting for all year. Next to my birthday, of course, but this is just as important! It was the day that I will be leaving to another country WITHOUT my parents. I'll be in the midst of my friends and Aussie guys. Haha! The only bad part about that day was the fact that I had to go for Math remedial in the morning. Still, it wasn't THAT bad. And I ended up spending the rest of the day packing. I have this fear that I didn't bring enough clothes. I mean, I NEVER have enough clothes but that's besides the point. We had to meet at the airport at around 9.30pm at Terminal 2. We were taking the night flight. The flight wasn't one of the best. the food was kindda horrible and all that static made my hair look like I've been electrocuted ten times over. Plus, I'm not too cool with heights. It was an extremely long flight but when we touched down, I could hardly contain my excitement. I wore my blackish grey turtleneck swaeter and got ready to embrace Adelaide.

They weren't jokng about the cold. There was even clouds coming out of my mouth. It was WAY cool! We took a bus to Hotel 208. The beds were SO big and fluffy and white!!! It's like sinking into a gigantic cloud. Nithiya was my roomate. And everyone knows that she's like one of the nicest people ever! So, I'm really lucky! =) Nithiya and I got the succluded room. All the girls were on the sixth floor and the guys were on the third. We were on the fourth floor. God knows why! But the good thing is that we're away from the teachers too. Hehe! After checking in , we rested and met up with our Aussie hosts. Mine was a last minute change. It was supposed to be some dude named Josh. But the teachers were uncomfortable with the fact that I'll be sleeping with the guy (That sounds kindda sick, but you know I mean it in the innocent way) so they changed it to this girl named Amelia. Next thing I know, it's changed again prior to when I departed from Singapore. My host was Ashliegh Sperring. She's really nice. We all took a group picture and then the Aussies had to leave for lessons. We, on the other hand, walked to Rundle Mall, taking tons of pictures along the way.

This is my favourite picture of the string of pictures I took on my way to Rundle mall. At Rundle Mall (which is this whole street/area with shops everywhere, not like in one big building), we spilt up. The muslims went off together 'cos we have to search for Halal things to eat for lunch. Appparently, even McDonald's isn't Halal. I was pretty shocked. We end up eating at 'Roshan's' thanks to Mrs Kamal who knew a thing or two about surviving in Adeliade. The portions they gave us were ENORMOUS!!! They literally piled a mountain of food on our plates. It was expensive but more than worth it, portion-wise. Even when I shared it with mrs Kamal, I could only finish one half of my half. It's crazy. I was totally stuffed! Next came the part I've been waiting for... SHOPPING!!!!

From an avid-shopper's point of view, Singapore's way more of a shopping country than Adelaide. But Adelaide has a larger collection in what shops they have. Our little group was further split 'cos the teachers wanted to do their own thang. I didn't mind. More freedom for me! Hehe! We went to TONS of shops. We being Nithiya, Ashwin, Prasaanth, Taufiq, Halim and me. I bought some AWESOME stuff! Including Taufiq's birthday present. It was this leather Ripcurl wallet that looked totally HOT!! It was kindda pricey so I shared it with Halim. I really hope he likes it. =)

to be continued...

School's tomorrow!!! I'm not really too thrilled about this. In fact, I'm kindda not thrilled at all. But I guess there ARE certain things that I'm looking forward to. Like meeting up with all my friends. And hanging out with them. And things are different 'cos loads of life-changing stuff happened in the holidays. I'm sort of different. More klutzy and hazard-prone than ever but I'm not too bummed about it. Because surprisingly, even with my klutzy appearance, people don't really mind it. Even if it's abit dangerous to be around me. Haha! I'm happy with myself. Hopefully the semester will be a good one for all of us!

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