Birthday Outings Are The BOMB!!

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The week was way cool. Though the first few days were totally bad for me. Like as in WAY horrible. And I was feeling really...erm... ugly these past few days. Don't ask me why 'cos it's abit complecating. But I have to report on the 2 BESTEST days of the week. Two Birthday outings actually. And we ALL know how much I LOVE birthdays!! Even if they're not mine. I love celebrating them. Especially if they're my greatest friends' brithdays.

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEN LEE!!! You tennis champion, you!! You are an amazing and gorgeous person. And I am eternally grateful to you for helping me make my dream of playing tennis a reality. Of course, you would think that it's almost like your duty to spread the joy of tennis since your husband is Rafael Nadal and all. But still I am very, very grateful. Although we have never been in the same class, ATC has really bonded all of us together. And I must say this. You are a totally FAB actress. Seriously, no one can pull off the whole pregnant dead mother thing as well as you have. And whoa!! You are by far one of the most flexible people I've met! Flexible everything-wise! And have I told you how talented you are?? Maybe I have but let me just say it again. You are SOOOPER talented!! I don't know many people who can dance ballet, play tennis like a pro, play pool like a master, act like an oscar winner and still have an awesome personality. So, as you probably can see, you are one heck of a girl, huh?! So, don't you ever think that you are anything less. Always remember that if ever you need me, I'll always be here for you. Just like that time in the Cross Country. Hehe! We're gonna knock those Aussie guys off their feet!!

Yesterday, we all celebrated Jen's fifteenth birthday. We meaning, Priya, Taufiq, Suffian, Ashwin, me and of course, the birthday girl herself. All of us were supposed to meet up at Yio Chu Kang Mrt station at 1pm. But only Taufiq was there on time. Priya and I were late. Suffian was only slightly late. And the birthday girl was half an hour late. But since she is the Queen for the Day, everyone forgived her. Haha! Halim was SUPPOSED to come. And we all waited for him for more than half an hour!! The movie we wanted to catch was the 1.40 show and we were running WAYY behind schedule. I heard that he was busy playing some online game with Jonathan and I was like, "Whaaaat??". Okay, maybe I'll never get how addictive games can be since I'm a girl and all. But still, this is JENNY'S Birthday!! So, anyway, it as getting pretty late and at that rate, we will never get there on time. There was no sign of Halim popping up anywhere, so, we decided to go off first and to tell him to meet us there. Then, Taufiq called him and told him our plan for him to meet us there at Cineleisure. But Halim got pissed 'cos we didn't wait for him. The thing is, we did wait for him. But he never showed up. We felt quite bad 'cos he supposed to be there celebrating with us. Taufiq told him to meet us there but he got pissed and in the end, he didn't come. Which was a real shame. We had a great time.

We went to watch...

Expected, right?! Like HELLO!! Who ISN'T watching Misson Impossible 3?! And I've seen the trailer and from the looks of it, it looked like a an awesome roller-coaster ride. And I was right. Mission Impossible 3 is everything I expected and SO much more. It was amazing. The action starts immediately when the movie rolls. I am not kidding. It's like BAM!! The movie starts and you see Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise, aka Priya's Darling) being tortured and held hostage by this fat blond evil guy. Then, the fat blond evil guy asks about the mysterious 'Rabbit's foot' and threatens to kill Ethan's girlfriend or something. It was like WHOA!! The credits haven't even been screened and the action had already begun. We got front seats so, it was really, REALLY LOUD. And we got the FULL effect of the movie. I know it's surpring but I have watched all threee Mission Inpossible movies and this is by the far the BEST one. It has everything you would ever want in a movie. It has heart-melting romantic moments, seat-gripping action scenes and a really interesting plot. The action is like WHOOOOOOAAAA!!! I was screaming in shock and totally 'IN' the movie. It was MAJORLY exciting. And the best thing about this movie is that it is not just about mind-blowing action scenes. There are heart-wrenching parts and for once in the three MI movies, Ethan Hunt looks REAL. He seemed like a real person. He was pushed to the brink of insanity. It was totally ... awesome. Yes, I am aware that it sounds a bit sadistic. But Ethan Hunt seemed too good to be real. In this movie, he's different. Better. Realer. And if possible, Handsomer. This movie leaves one really satisfied. It's worth every single cent. It wasn't too long, too short. It was just nice. And the ending was very 'end-ish'. Like it leaves you the right amount of stuff to ponder about. I was extremely contented after watching that movie. I've been taken on a heart-stopping ride which almost left me breathless. But it was absolutely satisfying. It is the PERFECT blockbuster.

There was this scene which was totally cool. And when Jen, Priya and I saw it, we all went, "Whoooaa!!" at the same time. Which was pretty funny. Here it is.

He bent down and out of his car and shot through the underneath of the truck behind him and aimed for the tyres of the enemy car. It was waaay hot! Yes, yes, Priya! Tom Cruise is way hot too! But while Priya was trying to grab Tom from the movie screen, I was totally falling for another guy in Ethan Hunt's team of Tom Sceret Spies.

JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS!!! This hot Irish dude has an amazing Irish accent that so totallu turns me on!! Haha! Sure his stunts aren't as cool as Tom Cruise's but you should see him when he's racing through the streets with the car. Or when he's racing with a helicopter. It's soooo HOT!!! And his EYES!!! I think I'm melting!!!

Oh, before the movie, All of us, (Jen, Priya, Suffian, Ashwin, Taufiq and me) took neoprints!! Actually, we were supposed to shop for Jen's present but Jen wanted to take neoprints. I went like, "YESSSS!!!" but not aloud, of course. Though I was secretly hopign we would since I walked past a 'Print Shop'. And since we agreed that Jen was the Queen of the Day, no one objected. I was having a bad hair day though. But the pics turned out great. It was all so spontaneous and fun. My fave was the spactic one. I'll try and get someone to scan it and let y'all see. It was way funny!!

All in all, it was totally fun. And I hope we made Jen's birthday and special one. =)

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