Sleep Deprivation, Caffaine Addiction and Other Non-Rare Disfunctions

8:59 PM

I haven't had a decent eight-hours (or at least six-hours) sleep in the past five days. And this major sacrifice is all in the name of ATC. Yes, yes, my beloved Anderson Theater Circle. The ex-co have been working VERY hard on organizing this fab farewell party for our seniors. The party's tomorrow, by the way. I am in charge of certain gifts that require a TREMENDOUS amount of effort. Like, as in REALLY, REALLY TREMENDOUS!! I can't really say what it is here, though I am quite sure that none of my drama seniors are gonna read my blog but y'know what they say. Word spreads. And I CANNOT take that chance since I have worked my butt off to make the gift work.

Today's Speech Day. Good Luck to all y'all who're performing. A bit late I admit but better late than never, right? Today's most probably one of the most exhausting days EVER. I slept last night at 1.30am and had barely four hours of sleep. To some people, this is a very normal and natural thing. God knows, some people may even sleep at like 3am or something. But I need my sleep. I REALLY need it. And if ever I don't get my full forty winks, I will literally be a walking zombie. No kidding! And so, I could barely walk and I am really amazed at how I managed through the whole day. With PE and all. I have to apologize if I have been all zonked out and bad-tempered. I have been disappointed in alot of things this week. It really hasn't been my week. First of all, I am looking like shit everyday. Due to my lack of sleep, I've been looking like a drunk panda having a really bad fur-day (especially today). I must apologize if I have been spoiling the scenery for anyone for the past few days. I am simply too tired to do up my hair nicely and make myself look presentable. Also, I've done alot of thinking and I've come to appreciate afew things and people that I may have taken for granted in the past. That will have to wait till the next entry. For now I have to finish up the gifts for tomorrow's Party!

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