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Talk about transformations!! American Idol is possibly one of the most amazing 'non-plastic-surgery' transformators ever! Just look what they did to Elliott Yamin!!



Not bad, eh? Okay, Elliott isn't excatly the most photogenic of the lot but I swear! He's getting More and more handsome after every show. During the last show, he was wearing this uber hot Tuxedo accompanied with a silvery blue tie. MAJORLY HANDSOME!!!

Speaking of transoformations, I've just recently cut my hair. No, no, Dinah MZ, no need to get all shocked and outraged. Before you get ready to come over to my place to stanggle me, I must inform you that Ihave kept my end of the bargain. I didn't cut it short. I've insisted on keeping the length but she totally changed it. TOTALLY!!! She just snipped it and even STRAIGHTENED IT!! I had NO idea she was going to do that. I never asked her to do such a thing. But she did and now my hair is absolutely shocking. It's all... Rock chic mixed with J-pop or something along those lines. Plus, it's all staright and silky. I know it sounds good. And I'm not saying that it's bad either. But I guess it's an acquired taste.

Let's looks on the bright side! At least I look much better when I let it down than before. My God! Before, after I asked my mom to snip my fringe for me (Which turned out okay but shorter than I expected), my hair looked completely DISGUSTING when I let it down. I look like a retarded version of V from V for Vendetta. If you've watched it, V has this super weird Japanese china doll look going on. And that's the look I had going on, only MUCH puffy-er. If you know what I mean. So, I had to perpetually tie my hair up just to make it look presentable. And I'm NOT exaggerating this time! Since I'll be going out tomorrow, I definitely do NOT want to tie my hair like I'm going to school. So, I decided to actually DO something about it and stop moping around. Now look where it got me?! Well, there's nothing I can do about it now. I guess it doesn't look THAT bad. Besides, I needed a change anyway. So look out for the Rocker Chick/ J-pop Queen Sharifah!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHAHIDAH!!!! Woooooah, Fifteen already huh!! You have been a most amazing friend. I hope the year will be a good one for you. No, I take it back! The year WILL be a good one for you! =) Everything-wise! You are one of my bestest friends in the WORLD!! And for once, I'm not exaggerating! You have been with me through all my mood swings and rough days. To think, that you still put up with me and that our friendship is still going strong! Thank you so much for being my special secret-keeper and for being there to advise me and stuff.

You are an woderful, KLUTZY and not to mention hilarious person! We love you so much so NEVER EVER change!! =)

Have a totally awesome birthday!! And may our friendship last forever.

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