Whirlwind of Events

4:41 PM

Woooooooo, what a month April has been! Okay, I have to apologise 'cos I haven't really been blogging for the past few.. oh, just afew weeks or so, but I have a good reason. One would be the exams, which sort of came and went. Two would be the fact that I can't blog and chat at the same thime. I seriously cannot type that fast. A girl only has ten fingers, y'know! So, whenever I'm chatting on msn, I am unable to blog and I've been chatting most of the time so, my apologies again. Three would be... that nowadays, for God knows whatever reason, it has been very difficult for me to put my thoughts to words. I have been doing all sorts of weird things like, I'll start spekaing really fast, trying to say what I'm trying to say and then I sort of lose my breath and unable to continue and then I'll lose my train of thought and finally I'll just go, "You get what I mean!". Much to Shahidah's and Dinah MZ's annoyance. I'm trying to stop that. But sometimes I just cant help it and it just slips out my mouth and then Shahidah would groan and I'll be all WHOOPS!!

Anyway, I've been trying to turn over a new leaf these few days. Okay, okay, I just started yesterday but hopefully my master plan will work. Actually, I wanted to get my master plan in motion on Wednesday but it sort of never happened 'cos Shaimini refused to help. You see, my Master Plan is quite simple. I'm gonna have this band 'round my wrist and whenever I do something wrong or even THINK something that I really shouldn't be thinking, I would snap it until I stop doing whatever I was not supposed to do. I guess simple is an understatement. So, I asked her that Wednesday if I could get a rubber band. She (Shamini) asked me why and I told her my master plan and she absolutely REFUSED to help me get my hands... or wrists more like, on anything elsatic. Sheesh! She says I'm inflicting pain on myself. So, it may be slightly true but it's only SLIGHT pain. She suddenly went into this hilairous lecture that snapping my hands with rubber bands is equivelent to slashing at my wrists and cutting my flesh off my arms or something along those lines. I was too busy laughing to actually listen properly. So, I only got my master plan into action yesterday. So far, it's been working wonderfully. I haven't said, "You get what I mean!" all day. Also, I haven't had a single evil thought or thoughts which I shouldn't be thinking. =)

About the tests, they weren't very good but they weren't very bad either. Okay, maybe some were.

A-Math: Did anyone expect me to say that the paper was a good one for me?? Nope, I didn't think so. To be honest, I was actually surprised that I could even answer some of the questions. And yes, I actually studied this time. I even went for 2 study groups. I know what you're thinking, study groups don't work and half the time we'll be joking around and not doing our work. I'm glad to announce that it is NOT true. Well, at least not for me. You see, when I'm unable to do a sum, I have the unfortunate tendency to just give up and watch TV or soemething. But when there're smart people around, I am obliged to ask them and BAM! The next thing you know, I'm actually studying! That aside, the paper sucked.

English Paper 1: I love compositions. But that doesn't mean I'm good at writing them. IPlus, with my slow writing speeed, I was unable to finish up my story. I did the question on oppurtunities which I had to turn down. The story was so over the top and drama-mama. But sadly, I couldn't get the ending I wanted. I wanted the plane which I should've been on to explode. Then I'll be all, "Phew! Thank God I turned down the trip to Sydney!"

Social Studies: AAAARGH!! This paper was SOOOO frustrating. I practically memorised the WHOLE textbook. Yes, even the dates but nothing came out!! I couldn't apply much of what I memorised into my essay or source-based question. I was so pissed. On the whole, I guess the paper was okay. But my essay was really crappy.

English Paper 2: My vocabulary isn't exactly that good. I speak English and write in English and stuff but when it comes to the rules, I'm not really that good at it. All these adjectives and adverbs... Makes me dizzy.

Chemistry: I've always loved chemistry. Really. I love it loads. There was a moment when I hated it. That was when were doing the whole balancing chemical equations thing but I know I love it deep down inside. Like deep, DEEP down inside. The paper was actually quite okay. I have a feeling that I'll pass. Hopefully I'll pass pretty well.

Pure Lit: This paper was ridiculous. Let me tell you why. First of all, I lost my lit text. The book, 'The English Teacher'. Yup, I lost it. Actually, Gaya and Keetha also 'lost' theirs and all of us are suspiciously from 3/6. Not that I'm accusing anyone or anything! I just find it such a coincidence that all of us happen to be from 3/6 and all of us happen to lose our books. So, I just looked through my notes and attempted to write a 3-paged essay.

Geography Elective: I seriously thought that the paper was gonna be easier than that. Not that I was expecting it to be a breeze for me. But most of the stuff I studied for didn't really come out. Expected! With the luck I've been having these days. Well, I managed to sort of put some stuff down on paper and with better luck next week, the stuff I've written are good stuff.

Higher Malay Paper: Hahahahah!! This is really funny stuff. After the paper, I was thinking to myself, "Whoa! That wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. I think, I can actually pass it this time!" Then after much discussion with other people who are far better in Malay than me, I'm not too sure. But I have to pass this one 'cos my malay oral went... Well, let's just say Cikgu Asnah won't be asking me to speak in amazing malay anytime soon.

I still have my Bio and E-Math paper on Tuesday. I know very well that I should be studying right now but I simply can NOT study with this pang of guilt at the pit of stomach for neglecting my poor blog. So, to put my mind at ease for a better studying state, I've decided to blog first. =)

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