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As you probably can guess, I had just watched V For Vendetta. I watched with my dad since it's NC16. But I'm sort of glad that I watched it with my dad and not my friends. And it's not just because I don't have to pay for the ticket (although that was a plus). It's because it's really, really deep and wordy and worldly and I have this feeling that they would hate it. It's not a fun movie. It's one of those 'thinking-movies'.

Not that I'm saying that my friends aren't deep. Gosh! No! What I mean is that, this is not a movie that you watch with your friends to have fun or whatever. This is a movie you watch simply because it's beautiful. And V for Vendetta is definitely beautiful. The plot's a bit complicated but I've read the review so, I get the whole thing. It sounded very cool and I needed a break from all those fun and dumb or romantic movies. I needed my fill of intellectual and thought-provoking movies. So, I managed to get my dad to watch it with me. I knew that I couldn't go by myself. It would look pretty pathetic.

V for Vendetta is a really daring film especially when the world is all paranoid about terroism and stuff. Because the film's mainly about politics and revolutions. Sounds boring? Trust me, it isn't. In fact, it's amazing. It's about this hero called 'V' (yes, just V) who is a terrorist. Told you it was daring. But the bravery of the film doesn't end there. The government of a forlorn and troubled Britain has gone all Godfather and Mafia. And the head of this corrupted government is the Chancellor. He's sort of like a British version of Hitler and he's just as ruthless though not necessarily as courageous. Their motto is 'For Your Protection' and how ironic since they run on fear. They placed the whole of Britain under a curfew, for Pete's sake! There was something that V said. It went something like,
"People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people. "

I went like whoa! But the beautiful words doesn't end there. In fact, the whole film is filled to the brim with lyrical and poetic sentences. I wish I could quote them all. I was SO touched by them. If you thought Shakespear was poetic, wait till you hear V. He's like the terrorist version of Shakespear. With the same passion and conviction. I was so enthralled by the words that were coming out of his mouth... I mean, his mask. Oh, yes! And that's another cool thing about V. His MASK!! He never takes it off. At first, it's abit creepy and it sort of freaked me out. But after a while, you get to learn to accept him, especially after you learn of his past. I really felt for him. Just like Evey (Natalie Portman) fell in love with him, I myself found myself falling in love with him. This is really something coming from me since I am a very superficial person and I usually judge people from the outside (Which I know is bad and I try to conquer this habit everyday) and I normally fall in love with handsome blokes. But I never got to see V's face and it's not like his mask is handsome. This just proves what an amazing person V truly is. He oozes charm and his voice just sends tingles down my spine. He has one of those voices which is really deep and rich and really gets to people. He is SO, SO charming. Eventhough he's a bit psychopathic and there was one point where I hated him, V impresses me with his thoughts and not to mention his kick-ass fighting.

Oh, the fighting!! It was SPECTACULAR!! It was one of the most coolest fight scenes I have ever seen. V's choice of weapons (other than his thought-provoking words) are knives and bombs. Occasionally poison but he only uses that to kill the bad politicians. As this movie is produced by the Wachowski brothers (the ones who made The Matrix Trilogy) you can expect cool special effects and revolutionary fight scenes. You will not be disappointed. At least, I wasn't. There was the Bullet Time in The Matrix where Keanu Reeves dodged bullets and the bullets made these patterns in the air. In V for Vendetta, there's Knife Time where V fought the bad government zombies and the big boss with his knives and the knives made gorgeous swirly patterns in the air. There was slow-mo and stuff. They almost made it look like a dance. It was so beautiful. Even with all blood gushing out of their chest and neck. He also used bombs to blow up buildings to get the public's attention. He blew up the British parliament house and London's Old Bailey's Building. Not to mention the Big Ben. And when V blows things up, he doesn't just make the building explode. No, he does it with style. There're fireworks and music to accompany the explosion, making the destruction of those historical building really fun to watch.

But the story's not all about V. There's also Evey Hammond. Played by Natalie Portman. I'm not a fan of her, being honest. I don't think she's pretty and I don't think she's all that good. But she was bearably okay in this movie. The character she played, Evey, is really inspiring. For this role, Natalie Portman shaved her head. There was a time in the movie where she was held as a suspect and was tortured and stuff. The only thing that was giving her strength was this letter by a woman named Valarie who was the previous prisoner of that cell. She was prosecuted for being a lesbian. And was killed. Her whole life was written on toilet paper but that doesn't make it any less inspiring. There was also this cop who dug up the truth about the government. Turns out, V was a mistake that the government had created. The Chancellor dude created an experiment to make Biological Weapons and start mutating humans to gain power. Thousands of people died. A very disturbing scene was when they were dumping hundreds of dead naked bodies into this hole and burying them. It was so horrifying. Not only that, the Chancellor, because he wanted to be elected, unleashed a deadly virus to the country which only he had the cure to. If elected, everyone will be cured. Again thousands of people died. All just for him. All just for the government.

I cannot type out the whole story of V for Vendetta because it's far too complicated and far too beautiful for me to put to words. This movie is really amazing and brave with lines such as, "Blowing up buildings can change the world" and "Fear became the ultimate tool of this government". The ending was sad, but satisfying. V for vendetta is horrifying and terrifying and beautiful and saddening and cheering and angering and soothing all at the same time. It's really hard to explain. It's an accuired taste and I love it.

Remember, remember
The fifth of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

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