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I have been watching American Idol since season 2. And I never get bored of it. I know tons of other people think that the whole thing is getting old. But I beg to differ. I LOVE the stuff!! I don't think there's another person who's as nuts about American Idol as I am. Imagine how horribly insulted I was when that Cikgu Asnah, who is backdated beyond centuries, called them Idiots!! Like as in American Idiot and Singapore Idiot. Jeez! Just admit that you pronounced Idol wrongly. I think she was just jealous that she can't sing half as good as them.

Anyway, I've been planning to do this entry for weeks but I never really got the time to do so. Actually I do have alot of homework to finish up. Most coming from Cikgu Asnah. Surprise, surprise. But I think I really need to do this before too many people get eliminated. I was supposed to go to Plaza Singapura to see Taufik Batisah but no one could go with me. Dinah MZ had to go out with her family and Shahidah couldn't make it as well. Taufiq and Halim called me about it but they were already making their way to Plaza Singapura when they called while I was at home. Besides, Taufik only came on at about 5.30pm. So, here I am. At home, blogging. Sounds pretty pathetic. So, to make up for my boredom, I decided to do my American IDOL (not idiot) entry today. After all, there is no time like the present.

Let's start with the TOP 10. Here are the contestants as of this week.

DO NOT be fooled by his monkey-ish looks!! Sure he's not exactly the most good-looking of the lot but there is no doubt that he has the BEST male voice in the entire American Idol history. Even Simon said so! His name is ELLIOT YAMIN. To be honest, when I first saw him, I was all like, "Eew! Can this guy even sing?!" You know me, right? The superficial girl. I can't help but judge him by his exterior. He looked like one of those people who can't sing but think they can sing. But I have never been more wrong in my entire life. The moment he opened his mouth (with many crooked teeth bu that's besides the point) and a glorious and rich sound came out of it. He has the most AMAZING voice EVER!! And to make things better, he has such a mastery over his talent. He can sing the most difficult songs and sound like a seasoned pro. What can I say?! The guy's a pure, raw talent.

But it's not just me who thinks so. Legends such as Stevie Wonder and Barry Manilow think so as well. Stevie even said that he was MAJORLY impressed by him. And who wouldn't be?! Elliot is such a gem! He's one of my favourites. In fact, I REALLY, REALLY want him to win this competition. I know that many people want Chris to win but let's be realistic here. Chris is definitely gonna get a record even if he doesn't win this competition. there's no doubt about that. That's why I want Elliot to be the next American Idol. 'Cos he's truly something special.

Moving on to TAYLOR HICKS. This guy is probably well-known not just because of his singing but also because of his grey hair and jerky dance moves. I know he looks old. I, myslef, thought that he was like forty or something. But turns out that his hair is naturally that colour. I think it's cool. The thing I like most about Taylor is that he has passion. You should see him on stage. All twitchy and stuff. Yet, you can tell that he's having the time of his life and that he's doing this not to get rich, not to get famous but simply because he loves doing this and simply because he has a passion for music. Which makes all of his performances really sincere and heart-felt. Not to mention, tons of fun to watch. He has the weirdest dance moves I have ever seen. It's sort of like the whole Ray Charles meets Stevie Wonder twitch.

At first, I wasn't all too keen with his performances. I thought that he was having spasms on stage or something along those lines. But when I sit and watch him anfd listen to his voice, I can't help but smile and have fun as well. Oh, and did you know? Taylor can play the harmonica really well. It's like so bluesy and hot!! He's one of my faves too!

Just LOOK at him!! Isn't he the most gorgeous bald guy you've ever seen?! He's CHRIS DAUGHTRY the rocker. Let's gte this straight, okay?! Before everyone was in love with him, I, Sharifah Hanan, loved him FIRST!!! In fact, I saw him in the commercials and already fallen in love with him. After hearing his voice... Oooh, my heart just MELTED!! He has one of the best rocker voices EVER. also, he didn't used to be bald. He had hair like Ryan Seacrest apparently and then shaved it off 'cos he began to have a receeding hairline. Mind you, not many people can carry off the 'bald' look. But as you can see, Chris can pull it off easily.

I heard some bad stuff going on with Chris. And I saw this article in the American Idol site.

'Idol' Fans Say Daughtry Copied Song

Friday March 24 3:06 PM ET

"American Idol" chat rooms were buzzing Friday over a controversy surrounding Chris Daughtry's version of "I Walk the Line."
Judges praised Daughtry for making the song his own when he performed the Johnny Cash tune on the Fox network show.
But some fans say the version wasn't Daughtry's, but ripped off from one done by the band Live in 2001.
One fan posted a message saying, "I just want to punch him in his bald head." Another reads: "This guy is a rip-off. Judges are plain dumb." And a third message says, "Live singer Ed Kowalczyk called and said that he would like his vocal style" back.

Like OH, MY GOD!! I hope that it's not true but I have a gut feeling that it is. Can someone please do some research on this band called, 'Live'?? I've always taken such pride that Chris has an original style but now... Nevermind! I'm still a fan!

I think that she's one of the most prettiest girls I've seen in American Idol. She's KATHARINE MCPHEE. I know she has the name of an ugly Nanny McPhee but she's nothing like that ugly thing. She has that whole pouty lips going on. I like her, and I think she's super pretty and all. But I don't really LIKE her that much. I mean, I seriously don't like the tone of her voice. It's not like she's not good. In fact, she's really quite good. She can really control her voice well. But I don't like the tone of her voice itself. It's too screechy for my taste. Too high and squeel-y. I don't know what else to say. She's pretty and she can sing. But I hope she doesn't win.

She's MANDISA and she's BIG. But she also has a BIG voice. No doubt about it. She's big. I mean, one of her arms is equal to the size of one of my thighs. I'm not being mean. Truly. Just stating a fact. But it doesn't matter if she's slightly large. It's her voice that counts. And boy, she has one heck of a voice. Honestly speaking, I don't think she'll win. And I hope she isn't 'cos as amazing a singer as she is, I think that there're too many gospel-ish winners or contestants of American Idol. But between Fantasia and Mandisa, I choose Mandisa hands down.

That's PARIS BENNETT. She's only seventeen but with experience beyond her years, says Randy Jackson. At first, I didn't really believe him. But after last week, and her sizziling rendition of Fever, I found new respect for her. She's really good. I was so amazed at how she sort of changed the song and made it her own.

One more thing, her aunt is some sort of great star. So, I think talent runs in her family or something. Good stuff! I wish it's the same for me! :)

Yes, yes, I know he's hot. And he's voice isn't half that bad either. He's ACE YOUNG. Somehow though, I think he's more boy-band material than American Idol material. You get what I mean? He's looks like a better looking version of Constantine Mouroulis. His last song, 'In The Still Of The Night' was one of his best. But what I love most about Ace is his taste in shirts! He has the best sense of shirt fashion!! Haha!

This is KELLIE PICKLER. She's more country style. And she speaks with that cowboy accent. It's really funny. In fact, she's really funny. I like her personality more than her voice, truthfully speaking. She just speaks what's on her mind. Like when Barry Manilow said, "That's a beautiful sound coming out of your mouth." And she simply said, "That's so sweet! I like you!" as if she approved of the legendary singer. Barry just laughed. I did too.

This is LISA TUCKER. She's supposed to be a young Whitney Houston but I think she's deteorating. I'm running out of time... One last contestant...

His name is BUCKY CONVINGTON. He's okay. Not my type though.

Okay, done! :)

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