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What a week! What a week! Actually, it wasn't that much of a week. But it went by faster than most weeks. Maybe it's 'cos I've been keeping myself as busy as possible. The only down-side of the week was the disasterous Coordinate Geometry. Coordinate Geometry and I are like parallel lines. We will NEVER intersect and I doubt that I'll ever understand it. I know that I really have no hope of passing that paper. But hey, a girl can pray!

Yesterday, we had one of the funnest drama sessions EVER!! Ms Lee's back. I can't believe how much I've missed her. Anyway, we did this really cool activity. Everyone gets a plain plastic cup and we're supposed to personalise them with our names and decorate them. After doing that, we're supposed to get pieces of paper and tear them into tiny pieces. Then, we are to write one negetive thing and one positive thing about everyone who was involved in that activity. We don't have to identify ourselves so we can be as honest as possible. Of course, polite as I am, I try to be honest without offending the person and be as 'not mean' as possible. After writing the positive and negetive points, we are to do an advertisment to promote ourselves to the opposite sex. Hah! Like I need to advertise myself! I think my appearance speaks for itself.

That wasn't me speaking at the last part of that paragraph. It was the character that we had to adopt to promote ourselves. It was SO funny to see everyone acting all cocky and cool. The challenge is to include the bad points but try and make the bad points seem wrong or turn to an advantage. When I looked into my cup and read the scraps of paper in them. I had a real mix of emotions. Some were really flattering (I like those! =D) while some are just insulting. Here are my good and bad points (I've compiled them into a list) :

Good Points
Sparkling Conversationalist
Pretty fun
Good Actress
Good English
Crappy (He put this in the 'good' list. God knows why!)
Super pinches
Funny (x2)
Nice (x3)
Friendly (x4)
Nice Hair
Superb Acting
Sense of Fashion
Great personality
Fun to be with
Takes initiative
Good Dancer
Rocking senior

Bad Points
Malay sucks
Loud & Frank
Snob at first impression
Too bimbotic
Socializing skill NOT BAD
Stuck up
Bossy (x6)
Kinda Shallow
A teeny, weeny, bit Mean

There you go. The worst one was when I got, "Too Bimbotic, Socializing skills not bad" in one tiny scrap of paper. HELLO!! You're supposed to write ONE positive thing and ONE negetive thing. Apparently, 'socializing skills not bad' is supposed to be a compliment. Well, if that's the case then whoever wrote that should get 'complimenting skills extremely bad'. Jeez! My ego was so badly bruised by that tiny scrap of paper. But some scraps of paper really lifted my spirits. Hopefully, I'll patch up all those bad points I have. And people will see me in a different light. Especially the bossy part. I got it SIX times. I'll try not to be so bossy next time. It's just in my nature. To be all bossy and stuff. I'll do my best.

I wear my heart on my sleeve,
But what if that heart if a false one?
And the real heart is buried deep, deep down.
To think that one day, I'll give that heart away...

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