8:01 PM

I'm doing this in secret. I'm supposed to be doing my A-Math iLesson now but... I can't resist the temptation! Did anyone watch 'So You Think You Can Dance'?? Not many... I've been asking around. To tell you the truth, it wasn't as exciting as I THOUGHT it was gonna be. It's all 'cos of the 'proper competition' atmosphere. I mean, they have PROPER Brit judges with PROPER dance backgrounds and this isn't a TV-show for the sake of being a TV-show. It's a PROPER competition. Which has it's good points and bad points. Bad points being, it gets pretty boring when the judges open their mouths. They aren't good-looking!! Which is a real bummer. At least, there's Simon Cowell to look at in American Idol. HE looked especially HOT last week during the result show, when he was wearing a white collared chirt, for once. It's usually the really tight tees but this time he surprised me. He looked so good-looking. But in So You Think You Can Dance? all the judges are SO OLD!! Like even oldER than Paula (who is like on the verge of ancient)! The good point is that the dancing is totally FANTASTIC!!! It's like WHOA!! Of course, there are some really weird dancers. There was this African American girl with a ugly teeth. She did this 'locking style that was known ALL OVER'. But she pulled extremely weird faces when she 'locked'. It was almost painful to watch. But I have afew faves already. After watching the show, I'm really inspired to take up some sort of dance. In fact, I have looked up some courses and stuff. I looked it up quite a few times for a few weeks. The only thing that's seperating me from my future passion in dance is $85. Jeez!

Today was really weird. Everything was topsy-turvy. Everything went sort of wrong. But I talked to Dinah MZ after school and I kind of felt better after that. Poor Dinah! She had TWO of her back teeth extracted!! I waited for her and when I saw her, she reminded me of a chipmunk. Her cheeks were abit puffy 'cos they were stuffed with bloody bandage gauze. As in, really bloody. Plus, it kept on bleeding and bleeding. She hadn't even eaten lunch yet. She was starving and all she ate was her own blood. Eew! I saw the thing. It was SO gross! There were two large gaping holes in her gums.

Yesterday was much better. I got to skip school because of the Singapore Video Awards. We were only on stage for 5 secs but our make-up takes at least an hour to complete. Haha! Here's a picture of my awesome make-up.

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