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Holidays are the best days of my life. Well, not really the BEST days of my life but any day withOUT school is a good day in my books. I know Dinah MZ loves school and all but I really can't stand studying. I mean, you don't just meet up with friends in school, right??! Anyway, I have TONS of homework and I thought that I will never have a FULL and Content holiday but you know me. I don't really care much of homework. I admit that I am slightly procrastinating... Okay, maybe I am procrastinating quite a lot. I mean, I'm actually supposed to be doing my Math Mind Map right now but here I am, blogging. But look at it this way, I am only able to blog during the weekends and SO many things had happened, so, I should put my weekends to good use and blog about it or else, my mind will be elsewhere when I'm supposed to be concentrating on my work. Get my meaning?? I'm just trying to reassure myself.

Okay, okay, A LOT of things happened. It's the holidays after all. But I don't have the memory to remember all of them. So, I'm gonna try and walk through the jungle of my mind.

The International Women's Day performance was... much better than I thought it was gonna be. But the big bummer was that the president's wife totally didn't watch us. She just came and watched the first few performances by other people and left after refreshments. That really, really bummed me out. I mean, I was making it such a big deal all because SHE was gonna watch us. At least, I thought she was. But I did my best and rose to the occasion as I always do in every performance I make. Jonathan came to support us. So did Azizi and Khairi. Oooh, Azizi (Mastura's best friend, not the OTHER one) was wearing this really hot looking shirt. It's dark coloured with vertical stripes. It's sooo nice! There are so few guys with a good sense of fashion. Later on, I got a bad case of cramps. I could barely stand up. Thank God for sweet Dinah Bee who ran to Cheers and bought me (with her money) some Panadol. After the thing, a whole bunch of us went to Jen's house. The whole bunch meaning Dianh Bee, Priya, Suffian, Halim, Taufiq and me. Actually, the boys wanted to go bowling. I was really uncomfortable about that. Me and Bowling are not good friends. I've had too many bad experiences with it. Luckily, we went to Ken's place instead to play pool. I LOVE JEN'S BASEMENT!!!!! It's the funnest basement I've ever been in. Though, that's not really saying much since I haven't ben to many basements in the first place but I love hers. There's a pool table and darts!! Plus a radio for music. And this huge space to play whatever we want. It's so awesome. We had such a fab time. Jen's the best!!

Anyway, most of my holidays are occupied by drama. Dinah Bee and I are taking part in the opening of the Singapore Video Awards. It really isn't as grand as it sounds. We had quite a few practises during the hols. In fact, I just had a practise yesterday. A technical rehersal in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. It was much more fun than I thought it was gonna be. All thanks to the seniors!! I'm really gonna miss the sec fours. To think, that it's they're LAST year!!

On wednesday, I went to the gym with Dinah MZ early that morning. Guess who I saw there??? HATTA SAID!! Haha!! Man, you should have seen Dinah's face. She was practically drooling! He was this purple shirt which showed all his muscles and stuff. So, more eye candy for Dinah, right?! You can just go to Dinah's blog. She wrote about our whole account. He slapped my butt with his towel!! Haha! That's So Hatta!

After that, I met up with Jen, Priya, Suffian, Halim, Fauzi and Jonathan. Imeediately, Jonathan exclaimed that I was extra since I wasn't from 3/5. I guess he was full of spirit after the March games. Still, it made me really concious that I was the odd one out. It wasn't a good feeling to start a meeting. I mean, in reality, it was supposed to be just Jen, Priya and me watching The Notebook but Jen thought we should bring some of the guys along. I didn't know that she was gonna bring the WHOLE lot of 'em. Still, I went on being as positive about the day as possible. We went down to her basement and got a game going. Jonathan was reall GOOD!! But he was also dead competitive. I feel so vulnerable when I'm playing against him. Like kind of scared. He was so vicious. Fauzi was being irritating, as usual. Messing with the snooker balls and messing with our games. Taufiq came later on. He had a CAST on his arm. Turns out, he fractured it. Yet, he still kicked butt in pool. It was so amazing, playing pool with ONE hand!! Eventhough his arm was fractured, he was still making all those lame-y jokes and stuff. The same old Taufiq.

And then, (OMG! You won't believe this) Halim took out his MATH book and half of the group did MATH in Jen's BASEMENT!!!! I was so TRAUMATISED!! Jen's basement is all about having fun and playing games and they totally TAINTED it by doing MATH (of all freakin' subjects). It sort of dampen the mood of our game. Suffian, Jen and I continued playing. Priya and Jonathan had left. There was no more music since they (Halim, Taufiq and Fauzi) had to 'concentrate'. All we heard were 'Math Talk'. Which is SO wrong. Imagine while playing a hot game of pool, you hear, "So, that means that you have to find the perpendicular distance of the perpendicular bisector using the formula..." Jeez! It was so creepy! Thank God for Suffian!! He was making things as fun as possible for Jen and me.

The ride home wasn't great either. I was the only girl (next to Fauzi). And when the boys get together, they start speaking in super fast Malay and I just don't understand a thing! They always tend to speak like that, leaving Jen and me out of the convo.

I'll continue later. My time's up.

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