Short Term Memory is not contagious

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Right, I'll continue my last train of thought. So, I was in a rough mood at that time so, even if I were to see a really hot guy in front of me, I probably would've been disgusted. 'Cos I was disgusted at the start of my day. No rude intentions towards Abelardo whatsoever. During the train ride to school, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my English Grammar Practise and Guide book (the purple one) to school. I had English that day. Jeez! My memoriy's just SO bad! Sometimes I even forget people's names and faces. It's really horrible. You'd think with the way my memory works that I'd be at least seventy years old or something! I mean, I'm young! At the prime of my teenage-hood! I should have an impecable memory and be able to recall things at the top of my head. But noooo! Instead, I would probably have forgotten where my head is if it weren't connected to my neck! It's like a disease!

Dinah MZ was like 'how can you forget Halim's present?'. I totally understand where she was coming from. I was wondering that myself. I mean, we were spending such an awfully long while searching for a present for him. And the very next day, I totally forgot about it! How is that even possible?? I really don't know how my brain works sometimes.

... You know what? I forgot how the rest of my 'Bad Day' went. AAAARGH!! I can't believe this! Well, at least I remember the Wheel of Taboo Challenge that day. It went horribly which just added to my Bad Day mood. Shahidah, Dinah MZ and I were abit rusty since it's been a long time since we actually played Taboo. Surprisingly, we saw Mastura and gang there! I thought they weren't into this sort of thing. But they were! And they were good! Plus, they were such fun to watch! But I think we were the most comical group there. Probably one of the more enthusiastic ones. There was once when I was describing, the word 'Healthy' popped up and I immediately went, "I don't like my...". I meant weight but Dinah went, "Figure!!" instead. Shahidah even yelled, "HUMPS!!". I said, "Nooo! You always call me a what-freak?"
"An adjective of that!!"

Another funny moment was when Shahidah wanted to describe the word 'Critics'. So she said, "Memoirs of a Geisha have lots of..."
"PROSTITUTES!!!" I screamed.

That was slightly embarassing but still, it was all in the spirit of the game. We got lots of difficult words like 'Insomnia' and 'barracuda'. We managed to guess them but Ms Ho said that some were not counted because she said, "Time!" at the same time as we spoke the word. It wasn't very fair. We were leading slightly when Lady Luck smiled upon this other team. They got 'Double Points' twice!! So they doubled our score.

On the bright side, our team may have a chance of competing in the finals if the teams in the second round do not surpass our score. Which was a measly 14. But hopefully Lady Luck will smile on us this time!

Anyway, about Fearless... It completely ROCKED!!! It was one of the best kung-fu movies I have ever watched. Jet Li is the best. I have always thought so since I first laid eyes on him. I've always thought that he was way better than Jackie Chan and better than Chow Yun Fatt. His simply a Legend! The fight scenes were a bit gory but the goriness faded in the spectacular skill of the fight itself. But the movie is not all action. It has plenty moments where it tugged on my heart strings. It has so many touching messages. The last part of the movie, when Jet Li was dying 'cos some greedy Japanese dude poisoned him, he still kept on fighting. I was totally tearing. It was so heart-wrenching. Even so, he held back his final blow to let the Japanese Fighter win. But the Japanese Fighter saw this, recognised this, and proclaimed that Jet Li was the true champion. He had such respect for him. Then, when the Greedy Japanese guy confronted the Japanese Fighter, The Fighter found out that he poisoned Jet and I thought that he was gonna pound him or slice him with his samurai sword into tiny sashimi pieces (which would have been great). But he did something more respectable and great. He simply looked at him with a look that surpasses even my most loathful lookand said with a voice dripping with disgust and disrespect, "You are not Japanese."

I was like Whoa! I'll never forget that scene. What the Japanese Fighter said was true though, the greedy guy acted Western and only wanted to win the bet-money which he had placed upon the Fighter. But that was only one tiny moral in this vast movie. The script was really beautiful. The style of direction was very high-budget and western. It was mindboggling. But even with the westernized directing, it was very true to the Asian culture and the action will leave you gripping to your seat and catching your breath. FIRST mag gave it 5 stars which is exactly what I would rate it.
(Please, please DO NOT listen to the ratings that Life! gives it. That woman, Ong Sor Fern and that man, Tay Yek Keak are entitled to their opinions but they don't look at the movie from the public's point-of-view. They don't truly watch the movie. They simply rate it for it's artsy-fartsy-ness. Sometimes, a movie is to be watched for the fun and entertainment of it. They think too much)

Yesterday, I went out with Dinah to study Math (Yuck!). We went to Woodlands Library. Actually, to tell you the truth, my secret agenda was to go shopping. But I felt really guilty about it since I have a test EVERY SINGLE DAY next week:
Monday - Malay Test
Tuesday - Math Mastery Test 1
Wednesday - Math Test on Indices and Simultaneous Equations (Linear & Non-Linear)
Thursday - Math Mastery Test 2

Well, except Friday but still! That's a lot of tests! So, I think it would have been very bimbotic of me to go shopping when I have so many tests around the corner. Therefore, I thought to myself, 'What if I happen to go shopping after a mind-racking math session? What if Causeway Point happen to be there and I happen to walk around there. And I happen to see a few sales and happen to buy afew necessities?'. That would have been a case of Coincidental Shopping, as I call it. We met tons of people. We met Jia Hao, Afiq, Endang and her friend and Azizi (the slimmer one) and gang! Plus, the place was crawling with mats and minahs. They were everywhere! Left, Right, Centre! I felt kind of out of place. I'm not very Malay and I'm not very good at dealing with them since I have a major handicap in speaking Malay.

Dinah was very mean! But in a good way. She made me do all these Simultaneous Equations (non-linear) as it's my weakness. It so happens that she became a math genius overnight. She's now a complete Whiz at Math. She's so gonna ace her tests! So, she made me do all these simultaneous equations and I take at least 2 Hours to finish one. Okay, abit of an exaggeration but it takes me a really long time to actually solve the questions and she insists that I finish all of 'em up. In the end, we only can have half an hour of Coincidental Shopping! Still, I made the most of my time, I bought a pair of really nice dangly-earrings, a book (Can you Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella) and a pencil sharpener from Body Shop.

After that, my dad treated my family to the Chicken Rice at the Food Mall at Northpoint. Which I can tell you is one of the best Chicken Rice stalls in the whole of Singapore. My mom and I went looking around the shops. I was planning to buy this really nice OP Blue skirt on sale at OP. It was 70% off! But instead, I went to Esprit and got myself this awesome long-sleeved shirt which I have been eyeing for the past few weeks. I got the LAST PIECE!! I was starting to panic since I couldn't find it but after searching the racks, I managed to find the last piece. I think someone was trying to hide it. Well, too bad! I immediately bought it. I think a lot of people may have bought since it's really nice but whatever. I have been wanting it for awhile.

Another piece of news, My cousin Hussein from Ruffedge is getting married. I'll be visiting him in KL soon. Okay, more about it later. I think I've typed enough for now.

PS: Sophie Kinsella totally has the same writing style as Dinah MZ!!

The husband may be the Head of the family but the wife is the neck and the neck can make the head turn in any direction it wants it to (From My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding)

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