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4:19 PM

It has been a positively overwhelming week. And knowing my horrible memory, I probably have forgotten most of it. I haven't been able to blog lately. I'm so glad I have the time to do it now. What if all the projects and portfolios I had to do. I used the computer (for once) for educational purposes. It felt kind of weird but I felt really bad looking at my horribly un-updated blog. So here goes...

I'll talk about yesterday first 'cos it's by far one of the most tiring days I've had this month. And that's including the days of CCA Open House rehersals. Yesterday, our school celebrated Chinese New Year and an extremely belated Hari Raya Haji. We were encouraged to wear our traditional costumes. I was so excited! Many would know that I would grab any chance for me NOT to wear my school uniform. I really cant do much to my school uniform. For one, it makes me look like an inflated balloon and for two, it is SUCH a hassle to iron. Anyway, I wanted to wear my Gold Hari Raya Outfit. It would look totally awesome. However, the night before when I tried it on, I looked like a golden alien. I am NOT exaggerating. Something must have happened to my body or the outfit. I looked really dispropotioned. The chest and shoulders were too tight for me and the waist was too loose. I looked so Lumpy. I went through my whole wardrobe. I thought of wearing my black Arab-ish punjabi but I realized that I wore it to my Grandma's place and it hasn't been washed yet. I tried my bronze Sunset coloured Pavade (Indian Costume) but it was two sizes too big and therefore, it made me looked like I was nine-months pregnant. My only option was this gorgeous Cheongsam that my Indonesian Grandma hand-sewn for me. I wore it only once for Haney's Wedding. It was abit tight for me back then but it was perfect for me now. I was worried though that people would think that I was too extravagant or whatever. And I knew that I would be the only person in my class to wear a traditional costume. So, I called Dinah MZ. I always turn to her to make my life-changing decisions. She told me to wear it and I went 'what the heck'. I shouldn't really care if they thought I looked weird.

That morning, Dinah's dad picked me up as usual. But this time Shahidah was there. She was wearing this really nice violet-y purple baju kurung. And Dinah MZ was wearing a brilliant blue malay costume with pretty silver swirls around the hem. Both of them looked totally FAB!! I changed into my outfit in school. I guess I looked okay. The cheongsam was of course, figure hugging. It has elaborate designs all over it. And it's pretty long. I accompanied it with my plain white heels. The cheongsam is a light shade of blue, by the way.

I stuck to Dinah and Shahidah mostly. And we managed to turn a few heads. Duh! Who could resist giving us three babes a second look! Haha!! Dinah Bee and Khairi were wearing matching colours. Just like a true couple! Soooo SWEET!! I had PE that day. Which was a bit annoying since I didn't want to be all sweaty in my outfit. Obviously, I didn't do PE in my cheongsam! I changed into my PE attire but still I was gonna be all sweaty after the lesson. But it turned out well. I was so freakin' excited about the concert. I really miss watching schhol concerts. It's been a long time! But I had some technical problems with my outfit. I wasn't really able to sit properly. I actually had to THINK about how I was gonna sit! But I managed it. Even if it was not very comfortable. As Dinah MZ said, "It's all in the name of Beauty" So True! I sat with 3/4 because I wanted to talk and gossip with my clan. Plus, Priya, Jen Lee and Dinah Bee were close too. The concert was great. Maybe it's 'cos I was really enthusiastic about it. Subeer looked great in that Indian costume. Yan Qi looked... green, as usual. There was this guy who was just as bad as Yan Qi. His name was Joseph, I think. He was a bit freaky. But the hosts were good. And I took that oppurtunity to scream and cheer my lungs out. I was simply showing my support for my friends... even if I didn't know them.

OH, MY GOD!!! I cannot believe that Mr Ang won the Best Dressed Male Teacher Competition!! It's completely WRONG!!!!!!! He looked as Dinah said, "like a snowman"! He had this silvery white chinese costume and a lilac scarf! I have NO IDEA what the scarf was for. It had no purpose at all. It's just there. Wrapped around his neck, looking totally out of place. What was he thinking? I thought maybe he ripped his chinese colar or something and he was covering it up with that uber ugly scarf. If so, couldn't he chose something more appropriate or at the least COLOUR CO-ORDINATED!!?? He did not deserve to win! The prize should have gone to Mr Ari! DUH!! He was wearing a simple pale baige Kurta. He looked AMAZING!! When he came up on stage to give out the prizes, he got closer and closer to where I was sitting and my vision of him got clearer and clearer. Dinah and I just kept on screaming and screaming. I was almost hyper-ventilating. Insides, my stomach was churning as gigantic butterflies fluttered all over the place. Speaking of Mr Ari, He leaving us next week. HE LEAVING US!!!!!!!!!!!! I was tearing. I knew that he was leaving next week even before Mrs Poh announced it yesterday. Ms Leow told me already. But somehow, I was hoping that she was just pulling my leg or that he would change his mind or that it wouldn't be official. But it became official. Just yerterday. It felt like some weird hand just plunged into my chest and squeezed my heart. It was totally aching. I wish he wouldn't leave. I can't possibly survive the assemblies without his handsome face there to cheer me up. Like a rose among the thorns. I can't survive looking at Mr Ang everyday. And if there's no Mr Ari to feast my eyes upon, I have no choice but to look at that Abominable Snowman!

MALAY DANCE TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!! Woohoo! You should have seen their performance yesterday! Basically I was awaiting their performance. I heard from many people that it was gonna be spectacular. And it was SO true! They exceeded my expectations by a mile! Dinah was getting restless and mutered under her breath, "When will it be the Malay Dance?" I was thinking along the same lines. And when they did came on, they were electrifying! The costumes were abit weird but it was a such a feast for the eyes. The girls were throwing glitter all over the place (but of course in a coordinated manner) and the guys were dancing in a man-ly kindda way. There was this really cute little boy at the side. Shahidah said his name was Eric. I felt like pinching his cheeks. Khairi was dancing too! He was right at the front! Dinah Bee was cheering him on and all. The whole performance was AMAZING!!! And the ending was so... BANG!! Like explosive. If you get what I mean. They were great!

There was also this accordian player and the Indonesian scholars doing Dikir Barat. They were so cool! I saw Amos too. His hair's long now. Which made him look really weird. After school we went to Burger King. After we changed into uniforms of course. I would look so out of place.

It was a horrible day for Dinah. I totally sympathise with her. It started of okay but towards the end, it all came crashing down for her. The reason is not really important 'cos I'm obviously not gonna publish other's personal problems. But it was horrible for her and I sort of fed her all the insprational advise I could give. I hope I did well. Because I truly didn't want her to be all depressed. I never knew how depressed she was until I talked to her online last night. She needed some MAJOR cheering up so I told her that we should have a 'Girls Day Home'. She's sick, you see. I told her that Shahidah and I would go to her place and watch movies, gossip and eat junk for the whole day. I truly hope she'll be okay. Just remember what I told you, Dinah! You'll be fine! Keep your chin up, Girlfriend!

Okay, it's my sis's turn to use the com. I'll blog more tomorrow!

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