Hero in Burger King!

5:22 PM

I said that I was going to continue today in my last entry and I am gonna do just that. I always try to keep my word. If possible, that is. Anyway, I left off yesterday at Shahidah, Suffian, Dinah MZ, Taufiq and I hanging out at Burger King.

Thank God Dinah MZ had coupons! Or else I would've been flat broke! Which I sort of already am. There were 5 of us but a table only occupies 4 people. So, I sat at the table beside them with the bags. But I am always able to be in the conversation even if I am sort of 'away' from everyone. I think it's 'cos I talk too much. That's good in this case. We talked tons! Suffian kept doing all these immitations of other people. And we talked about everything and anything under the sun.

And then a hero rises! ...Okay, perhaps that didn't really made sense so, please allow me to explain. Dinah MZ had this weird stalker who keeps ringing her up. Turns out, he was some weird dude at the bus stop where Dinah was waiting for me and Shahidah. How he got her number I had NO idea. But it was freaky and Dinah was pretty freaked. Seriously, who wouldn't?! Some weird guy you don't know, calling you, disturbing you. I totally understood why Dinah was so creeped. I mean, the guy SMOKES, for heaven's sake! I am not into smoking guys. I have nothing against smokers but I just wouldn't date a smoker. I mean, if I go out with a smoker, and he smokes during our dates... I'll breathe in all those toxic smoke that he blows out of his system and become a passive smoker. Research has shown that a passive smoker dies just as fast or even faster that the smokers themselves. So, the guy is indirectly killing me, y'know?!

Okay, that was a digression. Getting back on track, the stalker called Dinah again while we we were in Burger King, happily enjoying our delicious burgers. Dinah shoved the phone to me 'cos I offered to play the role of her boyfriend and tell him off. And telling people off is something that I am actually pretty good at. I picked up the phone and the stalker began talking to me all nice and friendly. It was then that I realized that he thought I was Dinah. I guess our voice sounds similar. Both of us had low, female voices. So, I tried to talk to him. But the Stalker spoke super fast Malay. So, I couldn't really understand what he was speaking. Which really puts me in a bad position. I mean, how can I tell off a guy whom I couldn't understand. I told Suffian to pretend to be boyfriend and tell the dude to never call Dinah ever again. Suffian took the phone but I think he was a bit shy about it. Instead, he told the guy to call back later. But Dinah never wants to speak with the Stalker ever again. So, the deed wasn't done. She was afraid that he would call back when she was at home where she couldn't get anyone to pretend to be her boyfriend. Therefore, she won't be able to shake the guy off. I mean, Dinah isn't the type of person who would just tell someone to 'f*** off'. She the sweet and innocent kind. So, I thought maybe Taufiq could play the boyfriend role and tell the guy to go away in Malay.

I didn't think that Taufiq would actually do it. But he did!! I gave the phone to him and told him to call the Stalker back. He took the phone from me, all ready to help. I advised him to think about what he was about to say before calling the guy. He nodded, took only like 10 seconds and called the guy. And whoa! He was all, "Why you messing with my girl? Don't mess with my girl!" But in Malay. It was SO COOL!! He didn't stumble or stammer. He was telling the guy off in fast Malay. He played the role SO well. (Which only proves why he's in ATC!) He totally scolded the Stalker and told him not to call Dinah ever again. Dinah was pretty anxious to see if it would work. I was just stunned that Taufiq actually did it! And not to mention impressed. He acted all macho and stuff. Then, he put down the phone and told us the Stalker hung up on him. HAH!! He was probably scared stiff and chickened out. That was so chivalrous and heroic! That's why I said "A hero rises in Burger King!"

After that, we continued chatting and laughing. Taufiq had to leave first since he had religious class. Shahidah went next. Which left Suffian, Dinah and me. We kept talking until 5pm! Then, we dispersed and went home. It was a good day.

Nothing much going on today. I was working on my portfolio for CAP. And tomorrow I have a Malay test. I need all the luck I can get. With Cikgu Asnah and all. Yup, I really need ALL the luck I can get. Pray for me!

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