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6:24 PM

The week has been a rather hectic one for me. What with the CCA Open House and the homework. GOSH!! The HOMEWORK!! Oh, my God! I'm like totally tortured at home. The teachers gave so much homework that when I go home, it doesn't really feel like home. It feels like school all over again. We have at least TWO pieces of homework EVERYDAY! I have never had so much homework in my life. There isn't a day that we were NOT given any homework. It's supposed to be some sort of new rule that our new principal has set. All Andersonians are supposed to be given homework everyday. Which is HORRIBLE! I hardly have enough time for the TV. And I always have time for TV! So this is really saying something. And then there's the CAP thing. Which I haven't done! AAARGH!!! I have to hand in my portfolio by next Tuesday. That's in TWO days time!! And you know what?! Cikgu Asnah is making all of us do a Malay portfolio for Malay CAP. How pointless is that? I think that she should just ask the people who has POTENTIAL and people who are actually GOOD in writing Malay stories. Or generally just good in Malay. Unlike me. It's not like I don't try to talk in Malay. I just sound really weird whenever I speak. And I have to think really long and hard to translate my english words and thoughts to Malay words. And it's really funny since I'm born in Indonesia and all. But I am so used to speaking in English that I became totally handicapped in Malay!

The week had lots of ups and downs. And I had to stay back after school because of CCA Open House rehersals. At first we were doing this whole beauty pegant thing. It was gonna be super funny with Ashwin pretending to be a girl and all. But then we didn't have enough time to cheorograph all the songs and we didn't have some of the music. So we changed it to some interview thing with out ATC Mass Dance. It was an improvisation thing. So there isn't really a script. Anyway, I was at first one of the pagent queen, Miss China or something. So when the pagent thing was scrapped, I had nothing to do. So they put me in the Mass Dance and because Halim was the back-up dancer for the guys, he became my partner. Which isn't exactly very pleasant. Since he's not the type of guy who apologises even if totally crushed your ego or something like that. I mean, he can be all funny and nice but he can be REALLY irritating and mean. And he was bombing me with fat-jokes like all through my rehersals. I try to brush them off but sometimes things just get to you. And when Taufiq start to get into the fat-thing as well, I got like super pissed. They KNOW I have this weight issue. But at least Taufiq apologised like a true gentlemen. Unlike a certain someone. And when he spologises, he doesn't repeat he mistake again. So he didn't make anymore fat-jokes and stuff. Which is such a relief 'cos else I can only speak to Suffian. A bit troublesome.

Oh, by the way, Mr Ari and I had a CONVERSATION on the first day of lessons! Like a proper conversation with eye contact and stuff! I bet Dinah MZ's totally jealous! Haha! You see, I got ready for my first lesson which was geography elective. i headed for the AVA and guess who
i saw coming out of the guy's staff toilet? None other than The Prince Charming (aka Mr Ari). I waved at him. HE WAVED BACK! I went in the AVA 'cos I was curious to know how it looked like. After all, it is our new theater space. I went wild. Gushing about the cushioned, theater-like seats. To my surprise, Mr Ari was there. I sat in front and he came down the steps to talk to me. okay, okay, US! But whatever.

Today was the CCA Open House. All the members had to wear all black. We had like this goth theme going on. I was very excited about it. Although I was slightly late. You see, I was ironing all these clothes for Dinah Bee and me. And in the end, she didn't wear it! That's 'cos she had this really cool black dress from Gayathri. I wasn't too pissed. I was too excited to be pissed. So, we all wore black. Then, when we were all changed, we went up to the Art Room and got our make-up done. This was the first time that I actually helped out in the make-up prosess. I felt so appreciated! I helped them with the eyeliner and lipstick and foundation. I mean, I actually did a good job at turning bubbly ATCians into cool, Goth people. I was like Vampires 'slash' Good Charlotte 'slash' Heavy Metal. Whatever it was, it was cool. I had black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, maroon lips and pale white foundation. To complete the look, I sweeped my all hair to one side and gelled it. It was like an Aeon Flux look. I don't know if I looked weird or scary or whatever. But I thought it was WAY cool!! The guys had like heavy metal make-up with thick eye make-up and some of them even had black lips! It was... Okay, I'm not gonna say that it's so cool again 'cos I've said that before. And then we all took pictures. I am so disappointed that I didn't charge my phone this morning! I was trying to take as many pictures with as many people as possible but before I could take it with everyone, my batt went dead. Still, I got some really cool pictures!

We went down to our performance space. Which turned out to be the Amphitheater. It's this wide spaces in the middle of the school. I talked to afew people even though some of them looked totally terrified by me (No surprise there). I managed to get quite afew people to watch our show. We got lots of people to watch us. Although quite afew of them were all ATCians. Still there were quite afew sec ones as well. And so the show started off kind of weird 'cos the crowd was not really very enthusiastic. But we all tried our best. We managed to get them cheering and stuff. However, when it came to the Mass Dance part we realised that we had no music. It was horrible! We tried like FOUR different CD players while the show was going on but none worked!! So we had to stall for time. Ashwin and Dinah were made to dance the Chicken Dance and all. We had to pause for a 3-minute 'commercial break'. This meant that we had to make the audience wait. Which was totally unprofessional! I was SO embarassed. Finally we got a CD player that worked and we managed to dance. However, the player was sooo far away from us, dancers therefore the music was sooo soft. All of us tried to put in as much energy as possible but the puny music was such a turn-off. I guess it wasn't SO bad but it could've been SO much better. After the first performance, we all went around to promote our CCA. I admit that we got lots of attention. I even had people asking for a picture! taufiq was really worried of giving a bad impression on the mothers. I told him to relax. Our personality will be a total contrast to our dark make-up. Turns out my look wasn't so bad. Diyanah, Chai Rong, Fiona, Lyana, Huda, Peiting and afew others thought I looked nice.

So anyway, we were getting ready for our second performance at the same place. Then, Gayathri said that there was a change of venue. She said that we were gonna perform at the parade square, infront of everyone. I freaked out abit. I wasn't very nervous about my dancing part but I was afraid for Mas, Faris, Ashwin and Dinah Bee. I mean, they have to share mikes and stuff like that. Almost everything can go wrong. Then, when we gathered everyone, Shalini and Elaine said that we'll just be doing the dance. I was like, "WOOOHOOOO!!!!" Our dance is really cool. Right, so, Shalini went to the PA people and everything was fine-and-dandy. We all started to get to places. It was then that I realized that Halim wasn't there. I totally panicked. Everyone was like looking around for Halim and getting ready to get to places. I yelled, "HALIM! HALIM!" Which was really stupid 'cos we all knew he wasn't there. But I thought maybe he was hiding somewhere ready to pop out and say, "BOO!" That would have been much better. Suffian went out to find him. I followed him. Thank God, he found him. I told Halim that we were performing NOW! But he completely ignored me and continued doing things to his friend's phone. I pulled him but he didn't budge. I was fed up and freaked out. I just walked away. Worst comes to worst, I don't dance at all. And just as everyone was going to the parade square, Halim came jogging that 'cute-sy Halim jog' with that innocent puppy dog look. My heart practically jumped out of my chest. We ran to our places. And we danced.

Jeez! Halim totally scared the crap out of me. I thought that I wouldn't be able to dance. Which I really wanted to. The dance was great. There was lots of space and lots of energy. But Mrs Poh heard the vulgarity in the song. I think she doesn't like ATC much. It was great though. After that, we loitered a while and saw NCC's performance (Andy and Ajay! You were awesome!!) and Band's performance (Rinita!! Amazing!!!). We headed up to the Art room and cleaned up.

Actually, Shahidah and I were supposed to go watch Narnia but I didn't have enough much money with me. Sorry, Shahidah!! So in the end, Dinah MZ, Shahidah, Taufiq, Suffian and I hung out at Burger King. More about that tomorrow! I have to go offline now!

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