Happy People

11:20 AM

Soooo many things to say! So many things have happened! Better start now.

Hari Raya is the best time of the year. Too bad I can't really enjoy it much this year. Official rehersals had start proper and it's from 10am to 6pm. Everyday!!!! I seriously think I might go bonkers at the end of it all. Anyway, I'll talk about my hectic rehersals later on. The first day of Hari Raya is fab! I dressed in the gold outfit I mentioned before with matching earrings and AWESOME shoes. New shoes, by the way. I managed to get my mom to buy them for me! Dinah would know what I'm talking about. We were at Northpoint when I saw this totally sweet pair of shoes. I bought something similar to it. (Pink looks TERRIBLE with gold) Dinah thought it was sweet too. Window shopping with Shahidah is much more stressful. Our tastes are SO different! But it's really fine. Her tastes are what makes Shahidah he, y'know?! ANYWAY, before I get too side-tracked, my dad chose the outfit for me from my auntie's shop at Geylang. It is so gorgeous. And I looked pretty darn good, even if I do say so myself. We head off to do our Hari Raya rounds. The first day is always not as eventful as the others for me. The good thing that happened that day was that my cousins somehow noticed that I had slimmed down! I never would've thought that they would notice something like that. Kak Lubna went, "Oh, my god! Hanan! You look so SLIM!!! What happened to you?! Diet, is it?!" Of course, I didn't TELL her that I actually did went on diet. I just shrugged and said, "No, lah! Still the same. Maybe it's the tennis I've been doing." It's all about being modest, you see. Just to let you know, Hussein was there. He's the dude from Ruffedge. Yes, yes, my cousin is part of Ruffegde. If you're surprised, can you imagine how I felt? I NEVER knew that Hussein was in Ruffedge until late last year!! I watched this Suria show where Malaysian and Singaporean singers come together on one stage to sing(DUH!!). I actually watched it just to see and hear Taufik Batisah. Then, Ruffedge went on stage to sing 'Khayalan'. I was like, "Whatever!" I just watched absent-mindedly. It was then that I saw that one of the guys looked very familliar. I simply said, "Wah, that guy looks like Hussein, ah?" Can you IMAGINE of freakin' SHOCKED I was when the camera did a close-up on the supposed Hussein lookalike and I found out that he WAS Hussein!?! I screamed! I know what you're thinking, how can I not know that he was in Ruffedge, righte?! He is my cousin after all! You can't blame me. He lives in Malaysia and only comes over to Singapore once in a while. Plus, it's not like I was SO close to him. Haney was there too.

As you can see, I have quite a number of famous cousins. That's not all, actually. I have always called my cousins 'The Beautiful People'. Because they truly are elite and beautiful. ALL of them are either talented, gorgeous, super smart, famous or all of these traits. I kindda feel small around them. In my family, I have models, professional dancers, actresses, hosts, princes, singers and GOD knows what else. They are really something. That is probably why I am not so comfortable around them. I feel not...'elite' enough to talk to them. But this year's different. I think I have improved my communication skills and I was much more at ease this year. I went to their houses and stuff. I must say I've got a reall good haul this year! :)

I AM SOOOOOOOO BUMMED!!!!!!! I am not gonna be in the same class as anybody in my class!! I was the only one who went for Bio, you see. I knew everyone else took physics. But I really didn't see the logic in me taking physics. If I take physics and suck at it, it'll just pull down my performance. I thought that it was best that I took a subject that I truly am interested in and will most probably do well in. Not to mention, my goal is to get to Victoria JC. If I'm gonna take physics, it may make me unable to go to a JC with such standards. And so, I did the STUPID thing of being independent and practical and even plan my future. Why did I do something like that?! Now you see how I have to suffer?! Dinah MZ is totally overjoyed with her class. She has all her choir mates and even Shahidah. Dinah Bee has Andy and Suffian too keep her company. And who do I have? Well, I have my shadow, my stupid conscience and so, you'll most probably see me talking to myself every now and then. (Just like a certain Stalker I know) It's okay, you all can have your fun and enjoyable sec 3 lives as I embark on an educatioanl journey alone. ALL ALONE!! With NOBODY!!! Oh, don't let ME spoil your fun. Go on in your little groups and forget about poor Sharifah. Next year, you'll all go, "Sharifah who??"

About Happy people, I can't reveal anything in such a public blog. Eventhough I know not many read this stuff. But rehersals have been a total BLAST!! And I just found out that many actors in my rehersals are very HAPPY. Get what I mean? ;) Even the totally HOT ones!! I can't say who (And Dinah, you shouldn't too. Even if I know you know what I know). I'll elaborate later. My mom is screaming at me to switch of the com. JEEZ!!!! :/

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