Guess where I am??

10:09 AM

No, seriously, guess where I am! I am NOT at home, if that's what you were thinking. I'm actually at Gene (one of the actors)'s house. i can't write much since I'm using his com. Yah, yah, I know. This is like a new low for me since I am actually using someone else's com to type in my blog. I can't blog at home, you see. My mom only let's me switch on the com twice a week. Sheesh!!! WHY? I asked my mom that too. It's all about the electricity bill. Blah-blah! Nevermind. Now, I have to make a quick one...

Rehersal finished early...Surprisingly enough. So, that's why I'm here. Andy, you are SO mean! So, so, SO BEYOND the definition of mean. Do not brag about Mr Ari! Just don't! 'Cos I'll feel so freakin' jealous! So freakin' jealous! I know that's the whole point but still... You know how much him! Jeez, d'you seriously HAVE to rub it in?! Fine, fine. Have fun with your AYA thingy. You have NO idea how much I wanna be in your shoes. I told you to send my lovce but it's okay if you didn't. Just don't turn gay, k? It's just not right for you to fall in love with Mr Ari.

By the way, I'm so sorry that I can't come with you guys for the jalan raya thingy. I really, really sincverely wanted to come but I had rehersals. I feel really bad 'cos I pinky-promised and all. But I hope you guys had fun. I'm pretty sure you did. I didn't even know that it was today if it were not for Taufiq calling me during rehersals and demanding, "WHERE ARE YOU?!!" Okay, he didn't really DEMANDED but he asked. I was abit shocked and bummed. I was like, "Oh, I can't come. I'm not going. I have rehersals." He went like huh?Then he asked again where I was. I had to explain to him slowly. I guess he didn't know. It's okay. I hope you guys had a great time.

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