New Friends!! And I thought I was anti-social!

9:28 AM

My fears have been demolished! What were my fears? Well, I was really afraid that I would'nt be able to make any friends in the Oy! Sleeping Beauty! thingy. Ya, I was scared 'cos I didn't know anyone. But it's MUCH better now. I made new friends... with some difficulty since I'm not very good at meeting people. Now, Duane is a very good friend of mine! Ya, I KNOW, the Karate Champ!! You would never have guessed, right? But he's really a nice person and he's very easy to talk to. And there are afew others too: Ebi, Qistina, Kathleen, Umar and Ivan. They are all in the teen chorus. Ebi's REALLY funny. But he always (and I mean, ALWAYS) disturb me. But thank god his insults are witty. 'Cos if they were lame I would've been REALLY pissed and exasperated and blow off some of my really mean remarks at him. But so far, it's just the not-so-mean, just-making-fun-of-you remarks. Nothing of my vicious vocabulary. All thanks to Dinah MZ, I am now able to tame my tongue. But there was once where I made a rather mean remark at someone who really pissed me off. I shall'nt say what I said but Dinah will assure you that when I say I was being mean, it truly means that I was being MEAN. Get what I mean? Ya, so Qistina is really fab. She's fun to talk to and all. Everyone's really nice. Hatta is SO fun to talk to!! And Gene is really fab! Karen is so fun to talk to! And then there's Helmi, he is one of the funniest person I have ever met in my entire life. When you're with him, you'll laugh to tears!!

Okay, okay... I think i'll make this entry nice and short. I just ahve to confess why I'm home so early today. After all, the rehersals end at 6pm. I was not chosen to sing the numbers learnt. Yup, it turns out my singing kindda sucks. I don't really know. Maybe I'm not used to singing choir-style? Maybe I'm tone-deaf? I dunno. I was just abit bummed that I wasn't part of the recording. And I may not be singing the numbers on stage. Probably just dancing it or something. Still... It's a big blow to my ego.

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