Truly Heaven

8:13 PM

A short note for now. I was just checking my mail. I'm not usually online at night. Anyway I wanted to write about Just Like Heaven. I just watched it. And I must say that it's one of the SWEETEST, FUNNIEST romance comedy ever!! Well, not like EVER ever but it's one of the sweestest this year. I have to go soon... Here's the review:

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo

Director: Mark Waters

Synopsis: When David (Mark Ruffalo) sublet his quaint San Francisco apartment, the last thing he expected—or wanted—was a roommate. He had only begun to make a complete mess of the place when a pretty young woman named Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon) suddenly shows up, adamantly insisting the apartment is hers. David assumes there's been a giant misunderstanding... until Elizabeth disappears as mysteriously as she appeared. Changing the locks does nothing to deter Elizabeth, who begins to appear and disappear at will - mostly to rebuke David for his personal living habits in her apartment. Convinced that she is a ghost, David tries to help Elizabeth cross over to the "other side." But while Elizabeth has discovered she does have a distinctly ethereal quality—she can walk through walls - she is equally convinced that she is somehow still alive and isn't crossing over anywhere. As Elizabeth and David search for the truth about who Elizabeth is and how she came to be in her present state, their relationship deepens into love. Unfortunately, they have very little time before their prospects for a future together permanently fade away.

It's really really romantic and SO funny! I think Matt Ruffalo is totally FAB! He's such an AMAZING actor! Not only that, he's very cute. I know y'all wanna watch Harry Potter and the mutated kids (Oops Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire) But try to watch more. There are tons of cool movies this hols!

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