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I know, I know! I've written too many times for my own good. But I can't help it if my life is sooo bloody busy! I can't help it if I have sooo many things to write about and sooo many thoughts to spill! I only have about 30 minutes to write (or should I say type) this entry and then, I'll back off for a few days, k? I know, my entries are LONG but I can NOT help it!! Aaargh!! Okay, okay! Here goes!!!

First things first, I need to elaborate on my rushed entry before. You see, I had to hurry off to rehersals and I just found out that Shahidah had cut her hair. How can I not post that??!! It's so juicy! Plus, I didn't want people to be too shocked when they see this Friday. Not that many people read this anyway but still... It's the thought that counts, right?! Anyway, ya, Shahidah has cut her hair shoulder-length and with fringe. I can't exactly imagine her with fringe but... I'm sure it won't be THAT bad, you know. Maybe it might look totally fab, like Dinah's hairstyle after rebonding. This sets me thinking... Should I do something to my hair? You know, since everybody's changing their styles and all. Should I?? I have NO idea what to do with my hair though. I can't possibly cut it shorter! It's already so short, I'll look like Dinah Bee if I cut it any shorter. I don't have the money to rebond it. And I don't plan to for a long time. I don't want my hair to be too damaged, y'know. But I feel like I should change something... Maybe I'll fiddle with some pins and change my style slightly?? I dunno. I need to get a new style before Hari Raya, DUH!! I'll fuss about it later.

This thing I have to go to on Friday really kind of pisses me off. Seriously, it's the SECOND day of Hari Raya!! And we have to be in school by 8AM!! How totally dumb is that??! Can't they make it after the Hari Raya primary roundings?? I mean, we, Muslims, have very, very big families. We have to visit the old people, aunts and uncles. Blah-blah, yadda-yadda. It's alot of work. And alot of fun. Why, oh, WHY do they have to spoil it by making us come to school??! It can't be helped, I guess. Still, it pisses me off. My schedule this week would be very packed.

Here's my schedule THIS week (Not that you care but I like to type this stuff out) :
Monday - Rehersals, go to school to leave the Bird Flu form in Ms Sharmilah's pigeon hole

Tuesday - Rehersals, get my EZ-Link card, Trim my hair, visit my grandma to drop off some kueh and stuff

Wednesday - Creative Arts Programme Camp

Thursday - HARI RAYA!!!!

Friday - Go to school for that class-thingy at 8am, Hari Raya roundings

Saturday - Major long hours of Rehersal

Sunday - Major Long hours of Rehersal

Yup! So that's it. I'm gonna be so exhausted but it's better than doing nothing during the holidays, right?! Anyway, I'm pretty bummed since I probably can't get into the Creative Arts Programme for Writing since I'll be missing most of the camp due to my rehersals. I'm abit bummed since I REALLY, REALLY want to be in the programme. But sacrifices have to be made, I guess. Still that doesn't make me any happier.

Speaking of rehersals, today's rehersal was really much more vigorous than my first one. We did two dance numbers. Plus, the WHOLE CAST was there!! I was star-struck! There was Pamela Oei as Sleeping Beauty, Selena Tan as Sultan Raja Pisang, Karen Tan as Sultana Jambu Air, Christina Sergeant as The Evil Witch, Hatta Said as Prince bin Charming, Chua Enlai as Fairy Cha cha Ambo, Gani Abdul Karim as Fairy Muneru Valliba, Helmi Fita as Fairy Tipah Tertipu, Gene Sha Rudyn as Kucinta, with Jackie Pereira, Gordon Choy, Zoe Christian. Whoa! It kind of blows you away, huh? I mean, I shook hands with PAMELA OEI!!! I sat beside CHUA ENLAI!! I laughed at HATTA SAID's jokes!! I talked to GANI ABDUL KARIM!! I had a conversation with GENE SHA RUDYN!!! I was almost hyper-ventilating. Plus, Karen Tan was So gracious and Gani Abdul Karim was so funny. They were all an insane bunch of people. It was fun just watching them joke with one another. They made some gross jokes like normal people. They were all dressed so casually. They were really quite nice. Please, please come see the show. Hey, if any of you want to buy the tickets, do tell me. I can get you guys discount if I inform the Assistant Stage Manager, Juraidah, before a certain date.

That's all for today. I'm still kind of star-struck. And Dinah, that Terrapin girl is actually pretty nice. I'll tell you more about the new people I've met as part of the Teen Ensemble. Right, don't wanna bore you guys. You might skip this part 'cos I'm not that...urmm...Witty as usual. Just asking... Do I REALLY scare people?? Guys especially?? Jeez! Is that true??!! This is really freaking me out!!!!!!!!!!!!

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