Bored, Bummed, Jealous

2:51 PM

Okay, seriously, what the HELL is WRONG with that Maia Lee?!! I read this article in November's Lime magazine (The one with Daniel Radcliffe looking like Elijah Wood at the cover) about her. Actually, it was an interview. You should read it. She was a total ass. No kidding! She was cursing the Singapore idol finalists, Sylverster Sim and even Fiona Xie. Oviously, I was super pissed with her comments. I mean, Taufik was part of the Sinagpore Idol finalists, right?! What in the world could Taufik have done that's BAD?! And I don't really like Sly Sim but I think even he doesn't deserve to be dissed like that. She practically called him a Scum. Um... I'm sorry but LOOK WHO'S TALKING?!!!!! At least he's not a PORN STAR, you know?!!... Eew, forget I said that. I cannot and will NOT imagine Sly Sim being a porn star. That is beyond the definition of wrong. And about the Fiona Xie being a b**** remark that Maia Lee made. I think she's just plain jealous. Fiona Xie is undeniably pretty and petite. Not to mention sexy. Maia's just jealous that she can NEVER be half as pretty, petite or sexy as Fiona Xie no matter how little she covers her body with her skimpy clothes and tatoo.

Andy Phua was so, so, so lucky. HE went for that Anderson Young Ambassadors (AYA) and got to go with Mr Ari! Just yesterday he was bragging about how cool Mr Ari's car was. How he got to talk to Mr Ari. And he even bragged that Mr Ari wore sunglasses during the event. My heart kindda ached abit. Can you imagine?! Mr ARI is SHADES?!! How cool could he have looked?!! Especially with his ultimately PERFECT hair?! Must Andy be so descpriptive? It's obvious he did it on purpose. Nevermind. Things are just not meant to be. I have to accept the fact no matter how hard it is. It's Mr Ari's last year so, I'll probably never see him again. And to think, of all people who adore him, ANDY PHUA got to see Mr Ari in shades. Damn, I'm so jealous. It should have been me. I know, I know! I sound nuts. I feel kindda dirty myself. I mean, Mr Ari is a Mister, you know. An Older man. But I do have eyes, you know! I can't ignore the fact that he is so handsome! And it didn't help that he was so charming and sincere. Sheesh! Why is it always the older men who are more appealing and never those your age?

Speaking of Older men, Shahidah, Dinah MZ and I will be going to Mr Fadhli's 'restaurant'. Okay, it's not exactly a restaurant. It's a stall in the Coffeeshop but it's close enough. I found it out from Jen Lee, my tennis Partner. She met Mr Fadhli there afew times. And when I told this to Shahidah and Dinah MZ, they immediately demanded to know where the place was. Mr Fadhli was a PE teacher in Anderson. He was appointed to our class. He was boyish, slightly childish but very sporty and considered quite good-looking. Plus he's apparently a nice guy. Ya, but the keyword here is, 'WAS'. He's no longer in Anderson. Jeez, I thought he went to a better or more prestigious school like the Singapore Sports School to become a PE teacher there. Some said he went for re-service at NS. But I would never have guessed he was a stallkeeper at a coffeeshop. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Still, it was a bit of a shock. His stall is called 'MAKAN' (how creative!) and is located at Sembawang Hill which ironically, is nowhere near Sembawang. I have no idea when we're going but I hope the food's good. While Shahidah and Dinah have a feast for their eyes, I'd like to have a real feast for my tummy.

The thing about porn stars reminded me of something I saw in the MRT which was kindda weird. You get to see a lot of weird people in the MRT and this was no exception. I was leaning against the transparent wall thingy near the door and right opposite of me was a really fat dude. At least, I thought he was a dude. But it turned out that the HE was a SHE. So she was not a dude. I couldn't see that she had boobs 'cos her magazine was covering them. And for the record I had no intentions of seeing them. I am not gonna take a stab at how fat or weird she was 'cos I sincerely thought she was normal. But the magazine she was reading was abit weird. She was reading Maxim. Yes, you read right. SHE was reading MAXIM. At the cover was this skinny woman in her black bra and undies striking a seductive pose. Why in the world would a woman read something like that? That was why I thought she was a dude. Well, she could be a lesbian but I dunno. It was kindda hard to tell. She seemed so innocent. Anyway, it wasn't any of my business but I couldn't help noticing that's all. How can anyone not?

I just started my Hari Raya cleaning this morning. I wanted to redecorate my room. After I clear out all the junk, that is. It took me ALL morning to clear out all my junk. Then, I had this real fab idea on how to cover up that ugly patch of blue that my dad had promised to paint but never really got down to it. I pasted (using scotch tape) piece after piece of white paper and practically covered the whole wall with it. It was hardwork. After that was done, I stuck photos, pictures, poems and wrote some nonsense. I even drew a few stuff on it. So then, I went to the kitchen to get a drink. When I got back to my room, you won't BELIEVE what happened. It fell apart. Everything just fell apart! All the many, many pieces of paper with my photos and stuff just peeled itself from the walls and fell to the floor in one big pile of mess. I practically broke down. It was such HARD work for me to put up that stuff and it simply fell apart. All my hard work gone to waste. I tried to fix it but it was a total mess. In the end, i just cleared eveything up and left that wall blank. All that's left was a hedious patch of blue scarring my pretty pale pink walls. Bummer!

Another thing happened, my tuition teacher and my mom think that I should've taken Physics. Sheesh! Why could they have not told me that yesterday?! When I have not passed up the option slip?! Now, I'm totally confused, everybody says I should take physics. But I'm still taking Bio. I'm not shaking from a firm decision. I know everybody thinks that physics is good and important and can get me good jobs with good salaries but I just know I'll hate it. And when I hate a subject I most like won't do very well. I'm taking Bio. I have to listen to my gut. Even is it's wrong... Even if later in the future, maybe I can't get a decent job... Then, hey, I know the solution. I'll just marry someone RICH! :)

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