First Time!

8:58 AM

Hmm.. So this is how Blogging feels like... Okay! I'm a bit blur at this thingy. I don't exactly know what I'm doing but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it... oh, maybe in a century or so! I actually wanted to name my very, very new blog Food For Thought (FFT). So it's like a cyber-version of my FFT. But the name was totally unavailable! So I have to make some weird name for my address. Seriously, what was I THINKING?? Feed-my-thoughts?? I think I was real hungry since I'm fasting and all... My stomach did my thinking for me. Tsk! Tsk! Well, Nevermind, what's done is done. A bit sad though. I can't change my address or whatever.

Got back my report book today. Bad, bad, bad! It was pretty horrible. I didn't do very well, eventhough I studied my butt off for the final exams. I looked at my math marks and my heart sank to the soles of my feet. But hey, at least I improved. Urm... I sort of improved by like 5%. Whoa! Major improvement! Riiight! I guess there's always next year, right? WRONG, dude! So totally W-R-O-N-G!!!!!! There's like Additional Math AND E-math next year. Sheesh! As if I need more Math in my already stressful school-life! And then, the Science is split in three: Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Today, I was so breaking down with the pressure of the decision. I mean, everyone (including my mom) was on about how physics will give me more job oppurtunities, blah-blah! I know, I know! I actually LISTENED to everybody. But then, my heart and my gut said that I should go for Bio. Obviously the option of going for Triple Science is crazy, in my case. It would be more practical for me to go for Bio since I stink at Math and we all know that Physics just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo math stuff. Plus, I think Bio is pretty interesting. So that means that I would pay more attention in class and do quite okay in exams, right? I already have A-math and E-math... Do I really need more Math crap in my life? Nope, I don't think so. But all my friends are off to Physics since they are all looking long-term. Thinking ahead. They wanna get good jobs and become millionaires. I dunno if Physics will help them, but hey, if physics can get you great jobs...then, physics can get you a great salary too. At least, that's what I figured. C'mon! Get real, Sharifah! Are you seriously thinking Long-term?! I can't even plan a week ahead, let alone my ultimate future! ok, ok, ok!!!!!!!! I have come to my decision! I shall go for chemistry, BIOLOGY, pure lit and Geog Elec. No more talking things out, I can't change my mind anymore!

Today there was like this Mrs Tan farewell 'concert'. It was all touchy-feely. The best part was when Mr Ari gave that totally touching speech. He was so sincere and... handsome. He was wearing this pin-striped shirt and pants. He had that perfect haircut and smile. He went on about how fab Mrs Tan was. How she such an inspiration. I have never heard so many praises for someone in one go. In the end, he gave Mrs Tan a hug. At that moment, I couldn't help myself... I sort of had a tear in my eye. I dunno, maybe it was juts dust in my eye or something. My face kindda went red and I was smiling and tearing (TEARING, by the way, NOT crying) at the same time. I was happy and sad and abit jealous...of Mrs Tan. Why, why, why must all the good people leave us?? First, Mr Ari... then, now, Mrs Tan... Geez! I was so totally bummed.

Oh, and I had this really scary nightmare last night. It felt SO real! In the nightmare, I was standing at the temporary assembly area, in my uniform. And then, in front of me was a whole line of people. All the people in my life. Those I know, DUH! And then, one by one, they either punch, kick, pinch or slap me. Some even carried sticks and smashed my face with a basketball. I remember vividly that Halim was the first in line who punched me, Dinah MZ slapped me and Dinah Bee pinched me. Someone stranggled me - maybe Shahidah but I can't be sure. Andy was the last of them, he gave me a real cold look. Like loathing and hatred. Then he slapped me. It was like Whoa! I could almost feel it! After that they all circled round me and waited till my wounds heal before bashing me up again. So basically, the whole dream was about people beating me up. It was unbearably violent. I wonder what it meant... Am I picking up some bad vibes or something??? Or is it just because of watching 'The Transporter'? Well, whatever it is, I DO NOT want to have that nightmare ever, ever again!

And, yes, Dinah, I so totally agree with you about the Harry Potter thing. Daniel Radcliffe looked like he was wearing a cat on his head and Rupert looked like a Lindsay Lohan wannabe. AND EMMA WATSON IS SUPPOSED TO BE BLOODY NERDY, NOT PRETTY OR WHATEVER!!!! Jeez! Talk about biased! There are Girls who actually watch Harry Potter and it would so much easier for them to have the guys not being an eye-sore. Plus, Lord Voldemort is hotter than Cedric, Harry, Ron and Krum. That is so bloody wrong... So, so Wrong!

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