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3:18 PM

I have sooo many thoughts to spill right now. Tons and tons of things have happened for the past few days and I have to get this entry started if I wanna finish it in time for my TV programmes. Right, so here goes...

First things first, I have to announce to the whole world that Dinah MZ has once again RE-rebonded her hair. She went to the salon where I rebonded my hair centuries ago. It's called 'De Peach'. She came at about 11am and sat there until about 4.30pm. Crazy or what?! I mean, if I were her, I probably wouldn't be able to use my legs for awhile. Can you imagine sitting in a salon for FIVE and a HALF hours?!! I bet her butt was totally numb. I know mine was. I waited with her and kept her company for about two and a half hour or so. But it was worth it. Especially for her. Her hair is now silky smooth and swish-y. It's longer and of course, straight. I was sort of wondering if I should rebond my hair too. But I doubt I can. It's a LOT of money to waste on hair... Even if it is worth it. And, I can NOT bear five an a half hours of people pulling, ironing, steaming and treating my hair. It would be torture. I guess, I have to live with my frizzy, straw-like hair for a loooong time. I'm buying Dinah's anti-frizz serum from her since she obviously doesn't need it anymore. Hari Raya's coming so I have to try my best to groom myself, you know. We have to look our best while celebrating this momentus occation. This is the excuse I gave my mom when I ask her to buy me some beauty products. It usually works!

Speaking of Hari raya, I went to Geylang on Friday. Visited my Dad's shop. Actually it's my family's shop, but it's the same thing. It's ST collection and FRZ. They sell Baju kurungs for both male and female. Really nice. Do go there to buy your stuffs. It's of amazing quality! Anyway, I went there to basically get some new clothes. I already have one outfit for the first day of Hari Raya. It's reeeaaally nice. It's gold with fantastic designs at the hem and sleeve. I know what you're thinking... GOLD?? Eew, are you planning to be royally disgusting? Now, before you start imagining me in a hedious gold dress or something, I have to tell you, It's a very subdued shade of gold. Not like the striking, will-blind-anyone-who-sees-it kindda gold. And the design's real pretty. It's kind of ironic since Dinah Bee's Hari Raya outfit was gold at first but she switched it. When I first heard she was wearing gold, I thought it was hilarious. But now, I don't really think gold is all that bad. It all depends on the design. And mine happens to be a pretty cool design. But of course, ONE hari raya outfit is NOT enough. Just ask anyone! So, my mom, sis, mom's friend and her son and me went off to Geylang to do some shopping. I love the Geylang Bazaar!! It totally rocks! So many shops, so many choices. Plus, there's tons of food. The perfect place to break your fast. Usually, I get to buy a punjabi suit every year. But I was kind of bored with the routine so, this year I wanted to get a Pavade instead. A pavade is an Indian costume with a blouse and long skirt. It occasionally comes with a scarf. I browsed a few shops and my dad said to buy my pacade at this shop. Turns out he knows the shop-owner so he might bargain for a cheaper price. So, I said ok. I looked around and saw this beautiful pale brown and red pavade. It has an outer red coat-like thingy and very swish-y skirt. I may not be very good at describing the dress. So, you might be thinking that it sounds gross. But it's not! It's so NOT!!! It's totally great. I told my dad that I would like that one. He was like, "Ok, whatever! We'll just see the price." How cannot see the beauty of that pavade?!! Sheesh! I thought that he was gonna at least say, "Hmm.. Yes, that's very nice!" Well, I guess, it IS my dad and he's not exactly into clothes and stuff. My mom was busy with my sis but I was sure she would share the same opinion as me. Then, my dad came back and said that it costs about $150. My jaw dropped to the floor. I know it's pretty but I was SO not gonna spend my dad's money like that. I mean, I don't really need such an expensive pavade. I'm probably gonna wear it once or twice at most. I instead chose a simple shimmer-y brown pavade with simple designs at the blouse. It's very simple an sweet. It's not exactly magnificent but it's nice and pretty. That's good enough. I left my dad to the bargaining and went off to another shop where my mom and sis was. Mom was choosing one punjabi for each of them. Then, I saw this GORGEOUS punjabi. It's sort of like an Arabian/Indian design. It was black with white designs and little mirrors. I dunno how to describe it. All I can say is that it was GORGEOUS!! It was even more GORGEOUS than the pale brown and red pavade I saw. I thought to myself, "Why stop at two, right? I mean, Hari Raya is such a long holiday. I have to visit SO many houses, right?" So, while my mom was fussing over my sis, I droped afew hints at my dad. Thank God he got the message! And so, I now have THREE outfits!!! I'm totally psyched! I can't WAIT for Hari Raya!!

But I can't really celebrate so much. Since I have the Oy! Sleeping Beauty! thingy. The director called us in early. It was supposed to start on the 5 of November. But then, I got a call from the assistant stage manager, Juraidah, who said that there was gonna be a rehersal on Saturday, 29 October. I was a bit shocked. But it's a pleasant shock so, I think I was more surprised, you know. So, yesterday, I went for the first official rehersal of Oy! Sleeping Beauty!. I was slightly late because I got kindda lost. I know, I know, my first rehersal and I'm late?! What impression must I have given the people, right?! I was thinking the same thing. I was mentally beating myself up. Since literally beating myself would've been totally out of the question. I thought I was gonna be the last person to arrive or something. But thank god I was wrong. Turns out there were people who were even late-r. The girl from The Whizzes of the Void Deck was there. Her name is Kathleen. She dances like a pro. And then there were afew more people. Some I've met during the auditions and some I haven't. There were altogether 6 teens. I was really quite honoured to be chosen out of so many. Oh, and I saw a few stars too! I saw Selena Tan, Ivan Heng and even Hatta!! Dinah MZ almost flipped when I told her I danced with Hatta. Well, technically I didn't dance WITH Hatta... But we were in the same room and that's almost the same thing, right?! Oh, and that dance instructor guy who came to our school was there! His name is Erich (pronounced as Eric). Boy, can he shake his booty! He was so pro, sometimes I got confused with the moves. We did one dance number that day. The rehersal was from 10am to 1pm. But we ended early. I really had to focus to pick up the moves fast since the other teens were so awesome. They were like profesionals! I did my best and managed to keep up with them. It was a total work-out. There were no breaks. It was pretty exhausting since I was fasting and all. There's another rehersal tomorrow from 2pm to 6pm. I'm ready for it, of course. But I will be fasting and I don't think I can reach home in time to break my fast, you know. Since I live in Yishun and the place is at Kallang!! But we all have to make sacrifices. It's all in the name of Theater! I received the schedule and script already. It's pretty vigorous. Maybe I can loose afew pounds after this thing?? I dunno. All I know is that this thing is gonna be loads of hard work and sacrifices. I may have to cut short my Hari Raya celebrations. Not only that, I even have rehersals on Deepavali! Yup, a public holiday. But it's okay. I don't really mind. As long as it doesn't interfere with Hari Raya and my Three Awesome Hari Raya Outfits! Well, that's all for now. Wish me luck for tomorrow, ya?!

P.S: I have to thank Dinah MZ for lending me money to buy that Nail Buffer thingy form Body Shop. It totally rocks!! My nails look absolutely FAB!! Plus, I don't even have to use Nail Polish!

P.P.S: The class of 2/2, 2005 will always be united! I totally miss you guys!!

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