My Oxygen... The TV!

5:30 PM

I forgot to put this in my last entry. I was a bit pissed at myself for forgetting. You see, I feel that it is in fact, my DUTY to let you all know what are the awesome programmes that are gonna be showing in the TV. I love the television. I think it is by far the BEST invention man has ever made next to movies and soap. So, I'm gonna list down the TV shows which I recommend below. Please, please take the time off your very busy schedule to watch these shows. 'Cos I'm doing the same. :-

1. Ong Bak - Channel U, 9pm, 30 Oct, Sun
Dinah Bee LOVES this movie. It received 4 stars. Y'all should watch it too

2. Blast from the Past - Channel 5, 7pm, 30 Oct, Sun
Starring Brendon Fraser and Alicia Silverstone. This is a romance comedy. For the girls

3. Bend it like Beckham - Channel 5, 6.45pm, 1 Nov, Tues
Funny, funny movie. Damn! I have to rush from rehersals to catch it!!

4. Man in the Iron Mask - Channel 5, 12 mn, 1 Nov, Tues
I know, I know! It's late. But it's the holidays! Plus, there's Leonardo DiCaprio!

5. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie - Channel 5, 10am, 3 Nov, Thurs
Go on! Laugh at me! But this is the original power Rangers before all those others came!

6. Lost - Channel 5, 10 pm, every Thursday
If you have not been watching this blockbuster series, you really missed on an epic

7. Anna and the King - Channel 8, 10.30 pm, 5 Nov, Sat
This movie is sooo sweet. Starring Chow Yun Fatt

8. Behind Enemy Lines - Channel 5, 10.30pm, 5 Nov, Sat
A war story for the guys who would rather die than watch Anna and the King

As you can see, I don't have Starhub Cable but I make do with what I have. The television is truly amazing!! Although, I have rehersals, I'm gonna try my best to watch this stuff. It's the holidays. What do you expect?! The TV is like my oxygen!!

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