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Next week will be the last week of school~!! OH MY LORD!

As happy I am about that, I can never be fully happy about it as this just means that the exams are coming up. As I am constantly reminded by the people studying left and right of me. Instead, after I was done with my presentation, which I really enjoyed (although I did 90% of the work), was to chill and do absolutely nothing. WELL, not absolutely nothing. I'm reading my 'Hunger Games' trilogy and I did go out shopping and found some amazing finds.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, it's Christmas time again. I AM SO PUMPED!! Christmas is my fave season ever. And I know I dun exactly celebrate the birth of Jesus and whatever. But I just love the whole festive atmosphere and all the lovely Christmas season fashion and products that all the major companies come up with. ESPECIALLY the gift sets. I love gift sets. I buy them for myself, 'cos 1) I dun have anyone to buy them for me and 2) Ain't nothing wrong with giving yourself a gift. I mean, hay, the world is tough enough as it is, why not reward yourself.

So anyway, right now as I am typing this my entire room smells of MISTLETOE. That's right MISTLETOE~ The story here is very simple. Firstly, I got super jealous of all the youtubers that I watch who do Christmas hauls and bath hauls. They always rave about their scented candles and they always says that they never go without burning one. I've never really wanted to try them but I was never tempted until the autumn scents came into the picture and they start describing the spicy, fall scents or fresh, pine winter scents. I GOT SO JEALOUS. I was like, "WHY CAN'T MY HOUSE SMELL NICE?!!" I mean, so what if I live in a tiny-ass HDB and that their rooms looks like something out of an IKEA magazine while mine looks like... crap. So I've been in search of good scented candles and home fragrances. The Bodyshop sells some great reed diffusers and scented candles but THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE OMG. And the smell isn't exactly fantastic. Well some of them are... The Christmas series, obviously. I am absolutely OBSESSED with the 'Candied Ginger' line. It smells EXACTLY like Chai Tea Latte to me. But then I headed over to Tangs and found 'Yankees Candle' in the aromatherapy section. My sis and I went crazy sniffing tons of candles and essential oils. We got into a bit of a fight 'cos we couldn't agree on a scent. I like spicy and rich smells for the house (like 'Christmas Cookie') but my sis likes floral ones like 'Christmas Rose'. FINALLY, we decided on 'MISTLETOE' which is

"The woody scents of mistletoe, berries, pine boughs, and holly create this holiday tradition."

DECK THE HALLS~ bitches!! It smells like I'm walking through a forest filled with pine trees and mistletoe. It's so woody but still so fresh. I am so in love with this. My whole room smells AMAZING. And what's great is that I got the reed diffuser so I won't have to burn a candle to get the scent and it will last much much longer. (PLUS the bottle is absolutely gorgeous)

Okay, another thing that I am loving to death and I have been using for a couple of months now is the 'Seche Vite fast-dry Top Coat'.

Girls (and guys too, hay) THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL OF TOPCOATS. HOLY GRAIL. It makes SUCH a huge difference in my nail polish application and the finish it gives. It's ridiculous. 'Cos the difference with this top coat is that when they say 'fast-dry', THEY MEAN FAST. Like 30 secs or less. By the time you're done painting the other hand, your previous hand would've dried completely and is perfect. Seriously, this is the best investment ever. You can make crappy $1 nail polishes look like professional manicures. And it's so incredibly convenient that I can go about with my business as soon as I am done with my nails. Literally AS SOON AS. AAARGH~! LOVE THIS. Get this now, Girls! (And YES, I AM LOOKING AT YOU, JEN!)

Also, since I am in a really good mood all of sudden (I guess from talking abotu stuff I love), I have to tell you guys how EXTREMELY (yes, I mean capitalized) excited I am for my Deathly Hallows necklace that will be arriving in my doorstep soon. Well, not so much my doorstep as Diyanah's 'cos I bought it in her name but whatever, technicalities. I am just so freakin' excited to get my hands on it. 'Cos as you all know, I am a geek. And this post won't really be a post by me unless I've inserted some weird book-related fact in it. So, I recently bought myself a deathly hallows necklace. And it looks like THIS,

HOLY MOLY GOOD GOLLY!! How effing cool is that?!! And I love that it's made from silver wires and not that boring metal pendant (where the points look like they would stab your neck). I am gonna start my collection of harry potter related or book related stuff. Diyanah totally judged me 'cos I wanna get the snitch pendant and also this one that looks like the actual deathly hallows book. AND I want this bracelet that has harry potter book charms, like actual mini-sized versions of the actual books dangling around the bracelet. It's SO COOL!! But well, I'm short on cash at the moment, so I will be content with my deathly hallows pendant... for now, at least.

God, I am such a geek. UGH.

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