Book haul #8

10:54 PM

ALRIGHT. I realize that this is probably over-kill since I just posted a book review and I am now about to post a book haul. OBVIOUSLY, to the average blog-walker, it would seem that my life revolves completely around books. And I have to say, while that is quite true to a certain extent, I do like tons of other things and I guess I do have stuff that's happening. Just that to me, they aren't as fun to talk about than books. Which just proves what a total nerd I am. And not even in a smart way, 'cos real nerds, they are super smart. Book nerds are just people who use books to escape the crappiness of life. Like me, for instance.

I am just so glad that I survived this week. I only have to deal with one more presentation and then it's over. Just the final exams to come. Which BY THE WAY, makes me wanna puke everytime I think about it. I never really cared much, and I study like I am supposed to. But as you know, NUS is the place of over-achieving human robots who know NOTHING of living life in MODERATION. So, there are posters EVERYWHERE and emails on 'Overnight Study Sessions' and that the library will be open 24 hours for people (who have no homes to study in, apparently) to study literally overnight. From AM to AM. 'Cos that is how they roll in NUS. It just scares the shit out of me. SCARES ME TO DEATH. If only the fucking 'bell curve' isn't there. Then I wouldn't give a rat's ass if these kids are studying till their eyeballs fall out. But I am forced to be in competition with them, and I just KNOW I will lose.

I'm just glad that I am done with my assignments. AND I wrote a 4000-word essay on bureaucratic corruption last weekend, in just 2 days. I was pretty proud of myself. HAHA! Obviously, I am not expecting an 'A' (I never do). But I felt like I deserved a pat in the back for achieving that. Just finishing, to me, is amazing.

SO, I rewarded myself with a Book haul as Kino was having a 20% off for members. And HELLS YEAH I am gonna put my card to use. But some stuff I also got from the flea market in my school. They sell really cheap second-hand books. OKAY, I have rambled on enough.

Let's get nerdy.

OKAY!! I got the Hunger Games Box Set~!!!! I already bought the first book, but I sold it to Munira 'cos I really wanted to get the box set. AND SO, now I have all three books in the trilogy. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! So technically, I got myself 'Catching Fire' & 'Mockingjay' by Suzanne Collins. You guys have NO IDEA how excited I am to have this. I am so happy 'cos I heard that nothing but good things and it's even gonna be turned into a movie. I better get started before the film gets out. I'll be reading this next. OMG CANNOT WAIT~ I wish I were one of those speed readers. Or at least read faster than the pace I do now. I have the tendency to read really slow and it annoys me, but at the same time I can't force myself to miss out words and I always need time for the words to 'set' in my head. If that even made any sense at all.

Anyway, moving on...

I got ANOTHER Sarah Dessen book. 'Cos I am obsessed. Although I was kinda disappointed with the last one I read, I heard that this one was really good and I loved the cover. It was pretty cheap too, compared to the other books in the YA section. It's called 'This Lullaby'. And I think it's about a girl with commitment issues and how she falls for a guy and blah-blah-blah-the-rest-is-history. OBVIOUSLY it will be better than that, but that was what I gathered from the synopsis. And I KNOW that Sarah Dessen synopsis's are the WORST. They should fire that person.

I got 'Rumours' by Anna Godberson. I heard that the Luxe series is really good (sucker for historical fiction, especially if it's romance, no matter how trashy). This one's the second book. I found it at the garage sale in my school for ONE DOLLAR. Holy crap!

Also, at the same garage sale, I got 'If You Are Afraid of Heights' by Raj Kamal Jha. HOW CREEPY IS THIS COVER? I'm guessing that it's one of those literature-y books, that's super deep and tough to follow. 'Cos the book sort of comes in three parts but it all makes one story. In Part One, a man and a woman meet in a midnight road accident and fall in love. In Part Two, a reporter arrives in a small town to uncover the story of a child's rape and murder. In Part Three, a young girl, shaken by suicides in her neighborhood, begins to fear for her parents' lives. I got this super cheap at the fair too. So I didn't feel too bad picking up a book that I probably would never even look at in real life. Although, I did look at it thinking it was a book about a girl with a fear of height (aka ME). I'm curious to read it though. Probably when I am freer as I think it would one of those books that you have to really concentrate to get into.

I also got 'Trash' by Andy Mulligan. I dun really know much about this book. It was just lying around at the fair and I picked it up 'cos it was in amazing condition and it was hardback. The cover is RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS. And I know I'm not supposed to buy a book simply 'cos of the cover, but whatever. I'm a rebel. I dun go by the rules. The story is about dumpsite boys who find something that was not meant to be found while they were doing their usual scavenging. And then they get caught up in some sort of huge conspiracy. The inside was filled with glowing review-quotes so I assume that this will be a great book. Otherwise, it will still look pretty on my shelf. Haha!

FINALLY, I got 'Sister' by Rosamund Lupton. You guys have NO IDEA how I have searched high and low for this book. I watched afew booktubers who were reviewing this book and it sounds really amazing and suspenseful. It's about this girl whose sister commited suicide. But she's sure that her sister was murdered eventhough no one believed her. So, she sets off trying to unravel the true mystery of her sister's death and whilst discovering the secrets, realizes that perhaps she never knew her sister at all. DUDE, THIS LOOKS AMAZING~~~~ I heard nothing but good things about this one and even if I didn't look at the review, just from the synopsis I would pick it up. It was so hard for me to find this book 'cos most bookstores only stock up on the new novel by the same author called 'Afterward' (which I think is the sequel, I dunno). So when I saw it at the fair, I freakin' GRABBED IT, not bothering that it was pretty pricey for a secondhand book. WHATEVER, I AM SO GLAD I GOT IT.


OKAY OKAY. I promise that I won't be doing anymore book hauls. I mean, I haven't been able to read much thanks to my shitty school schedule that will be the death of me, no doubt about it. I actually bought afew make-up stuff as well, but I dunno whether to blog about them 'cos there are like 100000 blogs about makeup reviews that will be so much better with swatches and stuff.

I always go into Sephora and MAC and I look and swatch all the lovely products that I can never buy or afford. It pains my heart, seriously.


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