Book Haul #9 (Book Fest)

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I know i should be studying. And I really really should. It's just that I've been having lots of bad days, consecutively. And I feel really awful. Not only do I feel awful, I'm exhausted and my skin is totally breaking out like a bitch. It's pretty tragic. So I decided to take a day off my studying (though this would mean that I have to cram like there's no tmr during the weekends) and visit the Singapore Book Fest at Suntec. When I'm down, nothing like books to cheer me up and provide the best escape from my lousy ass reality.

The sale wasn't amazing. I was pretty disappointed. It was just 20% off and some special buys. But the books under the special buys were not on My List and I dun wanna deviate from my list too much. I swear, I felt so bad I wanted to buy every damn book on my list. But I managed to restrain myself. It was really hard. I just bought a few on my list and I bought ONE splurge, which actually is a great buy.


Okay, so first up on my list is Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. Quite upset that I got the UK cover, which isn't as cool as the US cover but whatever, it's the inside that matters. To be fair, this is supposed to be a middle-grade book. It was in the Children's Section but I am not one to discriminate. I love Enid Blyton books just as much now as I did when I was younger. A good story is a good story, regardless. ALSO, I am such a sucker for Steampunk. It might one of my fave genres ever. I just LOVE that type of fantasy where they mix the old victorian times with futuristic technology. I just love everything from teh fashion to the setting to the inventions. So I jumped at the chance to get this book 'cos I heard lots of good things about, eventhough it is middle-grade. And there are ILLUSTRATIONS!! HAHA! I can't remember the last time I bought a book with actual drawings in them, but I LOVE THEM!! The drawings made me wanna buy the book even more.

You would think I would've grown up by now. Apparently, NOT.

Then, to go along with my middle-grade theme, I got The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey. I watched one of my fave booktubers, The Readables, review on this and she loved it alot. She said that it was gory and action-packed. Which is weird, considering that it is a 'children's book'. I LOVE the cover. Reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe. The book is about a people who study and slay monsters. That's about all I know about it. But I am definitely looking forward to this one. It won some sort of Book Prize, so must be good quality stuff, eventhough it's technically for kids.

My splurge, and I usually would never pick these books up if the cover wasn't so darn pretty, but I got the Jane Austen Box Set, with all her novels in them. So, all six of her novels in this gorgeous little set. The books are really small and cute and much easier to carry around than my other bulky novels. And it looks so elegant and pretty. I couldn't help myself. Also, I was thinking when I passed by this offer value set, I like historical fiction, so how come I never read a single Jane Austen novel?!! I should be ashamed of myself, really. I mean, I've watched all the movie remakes but they aren't the same things. HENCE, although this was not part of my list, I got this to cheer myself up and legitimize myself as a proper book reader by reading my classics. (And also so that my entire purchase won't be made out of Children's Books)

Sounds like alot of stuff. But all this (8 books in total) costed me slightly over 50 bucks. BARGAIN, BITCHES~!! (Also this would be my last purchase, most probably. Due to overwhelming broke-ness)


I enter quite a number of giveaways. I always do, though I know that the chances of winning them are NIL. But I just enter anyway. It's so easy. WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN that I actually WON SOMETHING?!! LOL! I got an email for one of the book blogs I always go to and I found out that won Eden by Janelle Stalder.

I never heard much hype about this book but Victoria LOVES it. And she hosted a giveaway, to share the love. And out of all the entries I WON. HAHA!! I'm so surprised and happy!! So, she just ordered the book and it will be shipped to me. =D OMG. I think this was the highlight of my month (it was a shitty month overall). THANKS, Victoria!! =DD I'm super excited to receive and read it.

SO that's about it. I think I have procrastinated enough. I should probably start on my Pop Culture readings. Check y'all later~! I promise more stuff for the nerds.

(And also I will be working on my Beauty Blog too. TIS THE SEASON~!)

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