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4:49 PM

Alright, people, apologies for the lack of updates on my blog. This will be a quick entry 'cos I just can't stand stagnant blogs. Being an avid blog reader (I follow like a BAZILLION), I hate it when I go to someone's blog day after day hoping for a new post but TO NO AVAIL~~! So I had to update mine, even though I know that no one actually reads it. BUT WHATEVER.

So, the reason why I haven't been blogging or reading much is 'cos it's the EXAM PERIOD right now. In fact, I just did two and I have one more paper tmr. Next week I have two MORE papers before I can call it a sem and go back to my awesome routine of surfing the net, youtubing and reading. Actually, I have tons of things to share with you guys but I kinda need to take a short nap before I start on my cramming session tonight.

Basically, I am thinking of starting up a separate blog for all my beauty related and girly pursuits and leave this blog for my personal updates and book things. So I think I'll be working on that in December. I'm really excited 'cos I have tons of beauty products to tell you guys about and I dun wanna make this blog too confusing. I mean, technically this is my own personal blog... I dunno if I should use my tumblr as a beauty blog... WELL, I shall decide later. Probably once my exams are over. I know that I have lots of tell my friends and recommend them. Plus, they keep complaining that I know way too much about all these superficial girly things (It's really unhealthy to be this obsessed) and that they find it hard to find good stuff in Singapore since most beauty gurus and blogs are based in the UK or US. I just thought it would be a project I enjoy 'cos I just love sharing great finds. =)


In other news, I recently attended my cousin's 4-day wedding extravaganza. It was very fun to hang out with all my cousins again, but at the same time COMPLETELY draining. And all that wedding makeup I caked on really took a toll on my skin. =/ But it really got me thinking about marriage and how my future will be like 'cos people, lets face it, I am kinda old. I will be of age soon enough and from the looks of things, I think an arranged-marriage might be my only way into the 'family lifestyle'.

MORE THOUGHTS ON THAT LATER. I really do have a lot to rant about. Unfortunately, tmr I have my dreaded Human Rights paper. If you dun recall, this is the module that I am most terrified of. Simply 'cos Human Rights is HUGE with tons of international commissions and covenants and treaties. It's so hard to keep track of them, especially on the international law aspect. The theories are fine, it's the mechanisms that KILL ME. And besides, I already told you how I'm not exactly the most passionate about human rights. I advocate it, yes. But not like my fellow classmates who debate and fight for stuff... Good for them! More power to ya, mate. But I'd like to reserve the right to be a tad bit self-centred... FOR NOW. Who knows what kind of person I'll be in the future?!

And who knows how much I'll screw up the paper tmr?! We shall have to see, eh?

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