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Recess week is nearing the end and I feel so UPSET. I wanna just yell out, "TIME!! I COMMAND YOU TO STOP THIS INSTANT!!!" and maybe call over a Time Overlord to someone make it obey.

BUT of course, this isn't some high fantasy novel. So naturally, school will begin and I will be in hell all over again. In fact, I have a test to greet me into the second half of the semester. BUT WHATEVER. I'm already halfway through. I just have to stick to it abit more. And I'm not too concerned about being brilliant and scoring aces. Pls God, just maintain my GPA. All I ever ask for.

I hung with Jen alot this week. =)

Taking advantage of my somewhat free-er time before she leaves for UK next Wednesday. And I will be all lonely and a hermit all over again. Well, life happens. Anw, I decided to treat myself a little. Eventhough I dun think I deserved it, but I did have a test (and passed it) and did up my Group Project's proposal this week. Also, I'm planning to do at least a bit of revision before the test on Monday. So I do think I deserve it a little.

Thanks to Jen, I've been hooked on Perfume shopping. I think I never got into it, 'cos it's so expensive and no one wants to go with me. But Jen's fave thing apparently is Perfume Shopping. While mine is makeup shoppping (I can go for HOURS), hers is perfumes and she has opened my eyes to the AWESOMENESS of perfumes. It says so much about who you are. And there are SO MANNY gorgeous scents. We spent hours at Sephora sniffing and commenting on scents. Then analysing them and trying to pick out the notes. I liked quite a number, but I have never been too picky about scents 'cos I'm quite content with mine. It has been my scent for 4 YEARS. Literally. No kidding. So much so that I think it is practically my signature scent. And that is my Davidoff "Cool Water" for Woman.

It has a slightly masculine scent at first and the slowly it will become more feminine and milder throughout the day. What I like most about it is that it smells 'clean' and fresh.

But I feel like I want a more feminine scent. And I think I should change it up a little. I was pretty set on getting Marc Jacobs "Daisy" until I FELL IN LOVE AT FIRST SNIFF with...

MARRY ME! by LANVIN, eau de parfum (woman)

Fragrance of dating and love, romantic and sensual, elixir of good mood! The perfume aims at all those who enjoy infatuation, love, unity, fulfillment. This intuitive and shamelessly direct fragrance says without fear: “Marry me!”

The new fragrance by Lanvin was created with an intention to suggest a strong bond that each woman has with the perfume she chooses. You need a lot of love and emotions for a right date and chemistry which happens between her and the fragrance which is like her second skin, which follows her like a shadow and says a lot about her emotional state.

Marry Me is presented with a floral composition as optimistic as a cheerful smile. Combination of good humour and femininity intertwines with lovable, gentle dreams about love, similar to an embrace by a person you love. Perfumer who managed to pour dreams of love into a fragrant collage is Antoine Maisondieu. He lines floral notes like a romantic wreath of flowers.

The composition is based on luminous tonic mixed of bitter Tunisian orange and sensual essences of Sambac jasmine. This surprising combination is wrapped in sweet zest of peach and sophisticated jasmine tea aromas. A sensual heart is painted with jasmine enhanced with magnolia blossom and romantic, non-chalant rose petals. Union of white flowers and fruit zest melts in juiciness and warmth of powerful hot amber and musky trail.



It's not just a floral scent, eventhough the first thing you would notice is the Jasmine scent. It's not a sickly florally scent thanks to the sweetness of fruity top notes such as hints of peach and bitter oranges to add a lighter feel to an otherwise overly perfumey scent. ALSO, the best part about this scent is that it is girly without being TOO sugary 'cos it smells SUPER light and CLEAN!! Which is what I LOVE. I love clean smelling things. It isn't burdensome for day to night wear as it smells clear and fruity fresh at first spray and slowly turning into a muskier deeper floral scent as it mingles with my skin and wears throughout the day.

Perhaps now that I have found my perfect girly smell, I will be able to find the right guy who would eventually say "Marry Me!". HEEEHEEEHEEE!

God. I disgust myself. (And I need a proper vanity)

Anw, I am completely ecstatic about my lovely new scent and I love Lanvin in general. So although it was a tad bit pricey, I think it's TOTALLY worth it. =)

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