I'm an Emo Bff.

7:44 PM

It's recess week right now. And I know that everyone else in NUS is probably going into hyperdrive, studying and taking this time to catch up on readings blah-blah-blah....

YES, I know I should be doing that as well. I probably will, eventually. But instead, I think I'm gonna end up using my week, catching up on my reading. As in NOVELS and not those dry-ass scholarly readings I have to plough through eventually. I love reading as much as the next person, probably more, and I still can't help but fall asleep or totally not get the stuff that is written inside these university readings. Plus, as interesting as some of them are, they are so redundant in future. Theories, in general, are redundant and rather useless when you think about it in practical terms. When will I ever need to know which scholar wrote which book on whatever theory...? Never. Unless someone holds a gun to my head and says, "TELL ME THE ARGUMENT OF CONSTRUCTIVISTS REGARDING INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND WHO WERE THE PIONEERS OF THIS THEORY, OR I WILL BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT".

Needless to say, I find that highly unlikely.

I just find that university focuses so much on theories, they dun really prepare you for the future at all. It's just for that piece of paper at the end. Which I think is pretty stupid.

But let's not get too deep and dark and all slice-of-life type. I think I've had enough of those posts. Updates on what's up with my life, nothing much. Except that I am really excited to have some extra time to read some of the new books I got in my to-be-read pile (which is increasing by the day). Also, I have been going lipstick crazy (after that awful phase where I had a lip infection, I guess I felt like I have to take advantage of my cured and healthy lips) and been wearing and buying lots of lipstick. I enjoy wearing them so much!! While I wear my coloured eyeliners to school, I wear dark lipsticks when I go out. I've been REALLY digging the Goth look, or like rebel and badass type of makeup. With smoky eyes or dark eyes and dark lips. I recently bought Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in PLUM. It's a SUPER friggin' dark purple burgundy shade. People would think I'm nuts but I seriously love that shade to death. And I am also planning to buy the Revlon Matte Lipstick in 'Really Red', which is exactly what the name suggests, a really red matte lipstick. I tried it on and I felt like a total pin-up girl. Like I've traveled back in time where women are all sophisticated with dark eyes and super super red lips. It made me feel so sch-mancy. So I'mma be getting that soon. Here's a look at my Plum lipstick. Mind you it's after a whole day of wearing it so it has faded abit and not as dark as when I initially put it on.

Dark lipsticks are so AWESOME. And I I LOVE being emo. I feel like I can take people's attention away from the imperfections on my skin and focus them on all the heavy stuff going on in my eyes and lips. Plus, since my hair is pretty light, I won't look SO emo and scary. Imagine if I had black hair~

Here are also some pics of me and Jenny on our days out.

I've been hanging out with her alot 'cos she'll be leaving for UK very soon and I wanna spend as much time with her as humanly possible. I will miss her again, 'cos my life is SO much better when she's around. I always have someone to talk to, someone who's always up for things and just lovely to chill and hang out. Someone to text when I feel bored or when I'm down. AARRGGHH!! Okay, I'm gonna get emotional. She's not leaving YET so I have to CHERISH these moments.

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