Book Haul #5

3:09 AM

School is crazy. Like crazy.

Not only is it making me completely insane, one module in particularly is killing me. Literally breaking me down. That would be my 'Human Rights in International Politics' module. I was so determined to drop this module at one point. But then I realized that I would probably have to do 6 mods in one sem to make up for it. So obviously I have no choice but to stick with it. I am so sure I am just gonna screw this shit up and I will probably be the bottom of this class. 'Cos honestly I am the dumbest person in the module. AND one of the very few people that is not so enthusiastic or passionate about human rights in the first place. My tutorial scared the shit out of me. I almost pissed in my pants 'cos everyone (except me) was in a heated debate for no apparent reason (without much prompt from the tutor) about the universality and application of human rights. Things got pretty heated and everyone was so eloquent and outspoken about it. Not only that, they were mentioning and quoting the readings, referring to scholars and their views.

I was like what. the. fuck.

I was just cowering in one corner, refusing to open my mouth for fear of being shot down by the smart alecks in the room. 'Cos they were bringing in evidence and current affairs. And honestly, I really dun give a rat's ass about it all. I just wanna get through this sem in one piece. IT WAS TRAUMATISING. What's worse is that I found that I have to do a 10 minute presentation on a scholarly article we've individually chosen, in TWO WEEKS. And there's this smart London exchange student in her 3rd year of political science who chose the EXACT same article as me. And we'll be presenting on the same day. So basically I will just look like absolute crap compared to her. And I think I will flunk this part, along with sounding like an IDIOT. I am just preparing myself mentally for an epic fail.

Everything else is like consuming my life and my time. It's not as if I am so passionate about it either. All I ever think about it just getting through the day and getting through the semester. Anything else I leave it till later. I refuse to entertain ANY thoughts about the future.

OKAY, moving on~

I wanna say that I shouldn't be buying so much books and stuff 'cos obviously I would not have much time to read as I would be reading the RIDICULOUS stack of readings they throw at our faces every week. But there was a book fair and MPH had a warehouse sale, so I couldn't resist. I will eventually read them, probably to relax since I dun watch the TV anymore. So reading novels, tumblr and youtube are my only source of relaxation and entertainment. ALSO, I can probably read them all during my christmas break. So I used this logic to excuse myself from feeling guilty and got a HUGE HUGE book haul!! Check them out!!

As you all know, I am a huge fan of historical novels. Not just historical romance that is trashy and stuff. But legit historical fiction. So I do enjoy reading Philippa Gregory's books. I have read Red Queen, which is book 2 in the Cousins War series. It felt logical that I should get book 1. Here it is 'The White Queen'. Which tells the story of the White Queen who was the enemy of the red queen. It'll be hard for me to not take sides, but I am very interested to read her side of the story. REALLY looking forward to this one 'cos from the red queen's point of view, she was a witch who stole the perfect life from her. Hence, I am curious to see if things were as perfect as they seem. This is a medieval novel with knights and stuff. I'm really happy I got this on hardback too.

I also got 'The Other Boleyn Girl' by Philippa Gregory. This is her most famous novel and the one that received the most critical acclaim. It was so good that it was even made into a movie with Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johanson and Eric Bana. Everyone seems so LOVE this story. As a fan of her writing, I have high hopes for this novel.

Going through the theme of movies from books, I also bought 'I am Number Four' by Pittacus Lore. This was also made into a movie filled with hot ppl. But I am a firm believer that the books are almost always better than the movies. Also, I got this in hardback and it looks friggin' cool. I didn't watch the movie but the synopsis of the novel sounds really interesting. Furthermore, I am into teen fantasy and action. This looks promising.

I then got 'Wintergirls' by Laurie Halse Anderson. I AM SO EXCITED TO READ THIS ONE. It seems like a very deep and mature story, even for a young adult novel. It's about this girl who lost her best friend and after her friend died, she became obsessed with becoming thinner. Essentially she became anorexic and self-destructive. The story then tells about her journey and how she coped with the events in her life. It looks so intense and it's dealing with a very contemporary issue, so I am dying to read this one. (But I'll probably read Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series first).

Next I got 'Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold. This was also turned into a movie and was directed by Peter Jackson, if I'm not wrong. But I know that the book had RAVE reviews and everyone sort of found something about themselves or cried after reading this book. For some reason or other. Of course, this peaked my interest and since I saw it selling for cheap at the secondhand book fair in my school, I decided to grab it and give it a go (eventhough it is totally not in my to-read list, in fact a lot of these books aren't. GOSH!).

I also got 'Just Listen' by Sarah Dessen. After totally falling in love with the last book I read by her, I practically jumped for joy when I saw a decently worn copy of this at the fair. As usual, the synopsis is rubbish. Whoever writes this is seriously an idiot. It sounds like another cliche teen novel, but I have faith in Sarah Dessen's writing to bring a predictable plot into something special. GOSH, I cannot wait to read this one. I really love her books alot. (The cover's rubbish though. I'll feel so kiddish reading this on the train).

The final book in my haul is 'The Suicide Club' by Rhys Thomas. I saw this randomly at the MPH warehouse sale (which is abit horrible 'cos they dun bother to alphabetize anything and they just dumb books on tables without even stacking them or arranging them nicely. IT IS SO HARD to find anything. Tres disappointed). I read the back and it sounded really good. It's about a guy who saved a boy from committing suicide and after a series of events end up creating a sort of club. I'm not too sure, but I know that it sounds really cool. AND the cover art is WICKED. I love it! So I just got it. I'm hoping that it will be a good read 'cos I haven't read any reviews on it.


My shelves are filling up quickly. Haha! I'm really glad with the books I got though. And they were all on sale so I dun feel too guilty about this haul. HEHE!

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