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Hello, everyone!

Thankfully, I am not here to report on another book haul. Although I might not be able to say that tmr 'cos I will be out on the hunt to buy a bunch of Fear Street novels, from this seller who is selling away his/her collection. I am super excited to get my hands on them. I know I just bought a ton of books but I definitely cannot miss this chance. R.L.Stine, when I was younger, used to be my fave author of all time. I have TONS of his Goosebumps books and I remember being so happy every time I got my hands on a used/second-hand Fear Street books. 'Cos they are so rare. They dun sell them anywhere in Singapore. Not in any bookshop I've ever been to. I guess 'cos they are rather old. But I know that they were my fave books ever. And I would LOVE to expand MY collection as they are so hard to find here. =)

I predict that I would get at least 5 more books tmr, all Fear Street. I dun really read Fear Street anymore, it's a younger read. Not exactly adult fiction, but I think it would be nice to relive my love for them again. I mean, eventhough I probably can guess who the killer is really quick now, and I probably won't get as spooked by the ghost stories as before, it's just nice to travel back in time in my mind to when I was a young girl who loved horror books. I AM SUPER EXCITED!!


I am slowly losing all the new bookspace I just put up, omg. What is wrong with me, seriously. Nevertheless, I get so happy when I look at all my books all shelved. I think as I get older now, I feel myself revert back to my old self when I was in Secondary One. I sometimes get the same feelings as I read my books and wear my specs and all fresh faced, no makeup. I look in the mirror and I am 14 again. Not in a youthful kind of way. But in a bookworm nerd kind-of-way. I thought I had blossomed since then into a pretty young woman. But ever since my skin became horrible and books became my only friends for a while, I felt myself revert into my old socially introverted self. Maybe I'm just balancing myself. Since I'm an adult now, I need to become someone who is balance. A balance of my new self and my old self.

I still want to be pretty. But I think it's okay that I'm not. Not everyone can be pretty. Sometimes it's good to be plain and boring. Maybe someday I'll find someone who will appreciate that.

I MISS WEARING MAKEUP SO MUCH. I MISS WEARING MAKEUP. OMG. I realize that my face is MADE of makeup. I am NOTHING without it. NOTHING. I still can't wear too much. And I still have yet to talk to my doctor about it, but I am hoping he will let me wear my foundation, blusher and the works again. It has been too long. I miss looking presentable.

I'm gonna wear makeup tmr. Hopefully, it will turn out okay. =)


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