Uni blues.

10:27 PM

School starts next week and I admit that I haven't been blogging 'cos I am on edge because of that. I am extremely worried that I dun get the modules that I want and if that were the case, then I am seriously DONE FOR.

The main reason is 'cos I am not interested in anything really. And it's awful. I know that I should have a thirst for knowledge and this would be the perfect chance to pursue my interests. But what happens if I dunno what I will be interested in? Or what's worse is that if I were complete shit at whatever I am interested in.

The module allocation system in NUS is seriously crap. 'Cos freshmen are disadvantaged as seniors would have accumulated points and some people have more points to spare as they have pre-allocated modules already. Hence, they can 'spend' alot of points in one module. So, people like me are at the mercy of the system and the 'rich' people who have tons of points to spare. And if I don't get my modules when the bidding round is over, I would have to desperate bid for any leftover spaces in other non-popular modules. And trust me, THESE leftover modules are not popular for good reason. It's probably ridiculously boring and tedious or really tough modules.

The system is JANK. Already I have to change some of my mods, since I was too poor for some of them. I just pray that everything will run smoothly from now on. THIS IS SO STRESSFUL. SO STRESSFUL. I can't even...

The good news is that I got to hang out with my friends this week. And I got to hang out with Jenny for the last time before she flies back to the UK. The bad news is she's flying off on Thursday and she's rather busy too. I wished we had more time to spend together. But I understand that she's a girl in high demand and everyone, including her family members, wanna spend as much time with her as possible too. I'll get to see her twice. And once more to send her off. I really missed her like crazy. And she'll be back in UK soon and I'll be stuck in the whirlwind of stress that lies ahead in NUS.

Whatever it is, she is happy there and living it up. Experiencing so many things that I can only DREAM of experiencing. So eventhough I am sad she isn't by my side, I glad that she gets to do all these cool things and be independent and enjoy them while she still has her youth. More importantly, I am glad that she isn't exposed to the awfulness of NUS. Instead, she is enjoying her uni-life. And as her best friend, I don't want anything more than her happiness.

Hopefully, I can earn and save enough money to visit her this year during our term breaks. *fingers crossed* =)

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