Post of Pointlessness.

1:42 PM

Good day to you.

I'm so relieved that this week will be over soon. I had a perfectly horrid week and I am just hoping that next week would be better. I know this blog seems like a record of all my incoherent moodswings but, then again, what's the point of a personal blog if I can even write how I feel in it? this week was really horrid and I had a lot of revelations as I did alot of self-reflection during that period when I lie in bed waiting for sleep to come. Which by the way, is a very long period of time seeing as I can't get to sleep well. So it's safe to say I did alot of reflection.

Reflections are horrible. 'Cos once I start thinking about things, I can't stop and I'll be really moody from all that moral contemplation and then the only way for me to get it all out of my system is to write them down either here or on my diary (YES, I still keep a diary. God. People always think that's so strange for some reason. I prefer to think of it as a life journal. I've been writing in a diary since primary 3 and I'm still doing it now. Eventhough I am 20).

I don't intend to make my blog into one of those really emo blogs about life and how everything is so fucked up. But sometimes, I can't help myself. And at first I wanted to write about how I am super worried about turning 21 in a few more months. And how I am nowhere near from reaching my life's goals than I was at 13. Also, let's not forget that 2010 will be ending in a few more weeks. ONE WHOLE YEAR JUST WHIZZED BY!! Whut?! As you grow older, time just flies by a lot quicker, this was what I realized. And so soon, I'll have to look through my resolutions and see if I've accomplished any of them and write new ones. MORE REFLECTION. I know that it's necessary to think about your life and what you're gonna do with your life and all that. But honestly, is it just me? But after reflecting I start to hate my life and myself even more than before instead of feel grateful and positive, which is what's supposed to happen at the end.

Now that I have finished all my plans and stuff. I am gonna be doing alot writing. (It calms me. And I like putting my thoughts to words. No matter how useless and pointless it is) AND I'm gonna start on a book. I haven't read a good book in months.

WHICH REMINDS ME!!! Sophie Kinsella has a new Shopaholic Book out!! YAYYYY!! This year is filled with my favourites. Gossip Girl season 4, Harry Potter 7 out in cinemas, My Chemical Romance putting out an album, Jamie Cullum coming to Singapore and now my favourite Shopaholic series has a new book! I am really excited to read it.


It's as aimless as I feel at this moment. Well, I don't have much to do except

1. to do some chores later, drown myself in coffee
2. eat (I've got a box of Choco Pie and I predict that half would be devoured by late afternoon)
3. pray that Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf will NOT be a couple as what everyone has been saying on the interweb (Pls God, DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN)
4. tumblr
5. play Assassins Creed: Bloodlines (I'll review that later. But so far it is pretty damn awesome if you love stabbing people in the FACE)
6. watch Harry Potter 7 (FINALLAY)

Anyway, I'm sick and down with a major flu bug so I doubt I'll get much done.

For now, I will leave you with pictures of my new celeb crush. His name is Iwan Rheon and he is SO AMAZING and Gorgeous and I really really like him alot.

I hope he'll get to star in more films and tv series 'cos so far he has only done theatre (London's version of Spring Awakening - He played Moritz! One of my fave characters) and this cool UK tv series called 'Misfits' (which is like a cross between Skins and Heroes). He's so adorable and handsome. =)

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