11:51 PM

Okay, I am completely hopeless really!

Tomorrow would be my Nation-building examination and I have been glued to my laptop screen (Alex Senior) for the entire day, only managing to complete about half of my topics 'cos I am so distracted by everything else. Not to mention that that was a Britain's Next Top Model marathon on Star World, which I accidentally watched and got hooked on till the end. So, now, everything I am typing is being read aloud in my head in a British accent. Plus, I've been watching Alex Day's youtube videos so I might even start speaking with a British accent. It's so bloody addictive.

YOU SEE. God, can't believe that I just said 'bloody'.

And this would be the week that I'll be watching Harry Potter 7, hopefully, as celebration for the end of this stinkin' semester. I foresee that by the end of this month, I would be speaking in British. I would exclaiming, "Blimey!" and "Ruddy Brilliant" and drinking tea all the time. Well, I do that anyway. I HEART TEA. And Coffee. Anything with caffeine, actually. 'Cos I am a Modern Legal Junkie. (That btw, is someone who is addicted to caffeine, nicotine and/or painkillers) I suppose the US would be adding Marijuana to that list.

Oh, the Americans and their liberal thinking. Pfft.

Of course, you do know that I am only typing this 'cos I am procrastinating, yet again from revising my Nation-building chapters. But that's only because everytime I read a line my mind just wanders and I absorb NOTHING. I suck at studying. I think I have reached my capacity for learning in the past 12 years. And I have never had that THIRST for knowledge that most people in university have. So, I assume that I will do poorly, especially for THIS module 'cos it is THE ABSOLUTE WORST and I hate it to the CORE. And as I have said in my previous blog entry, I really dun give a damn anymore really. It's the truth and not just some one time, emotional breakdown and then I would pick myself up and start studying like a madwoman and somehow by the miracle of God's grace, I score a perfect CAP score or whatever. Nooo. Things like that only happen in 'The Pursuit of Happyness'.

Have I told you that I am in so much pain right now 'cos my tongue is almost completely covered in ulcers. I think I have about 5 ulcers in my mouth, right now. But I can't really tell 'cos my mouth is just in constant burning pain ALL THE TIME. And you would think that would stop me from eating. That would be the case for any normal person, which apparently, I am not. I have the appetite of a starved rhinoceros.

So much for trying to lose weight.

Which by the way, is what the whole country seems to be embarking on and emphasizing. This morning my dad threw a piece of newspaper at me (which I caught with my ninja cat-like reflexes *LIES*) and it basically said, "YOU ARE FAT. HERE are tips to lose weight AND LOOK 20 YEARS YOUNGER!" No thanks, dude, I dun wanna look like a foetus. Or embryo. Whatever.

Now, the freakin' NEWSPAPER is calling me fat. It's like a conspiracy.

OMFG!! It's past midnight!! It's the exam day itself and I am not done with revising AT ALL. Not to mention, I've got a shit week ahead.

This would be my cue to panic. Excuse me.


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