Working And Phones

5:25 PM

Working is really tiring but I really like my job! =) Eventhough most people would think that it's a chore and it is really very tiring. But I am surrounded by clothes and I love it! I've even made some new friends there. I just hope everything would be okay. And turn out good for me. 'Cos right now, I have never felt more NOT in control of any aspect of my life. I'm always waiting on something, for someone higher up to give me the green light.

It's really scary.

The festive season has arrive. And I don't really feel all that festive. 2009 was a terrible year and was super tough to get through. But it's ending so I'm hoping 2010 would be better.

Right now, all I'm thinking about is earning money. I don't get ANY allowance on holidays and I'm gonna have 8 months of it. I cannot make my savings last THAT long. Plus, I need to get a new phone. So, I can't really go out or anything. Which is really sad 'cos I wanted to let lose once school was finally over. But well, the phone that I want cost about 88 bucks with a new contract.

I SWEAR TO GOD SINGTEL HAS THE WORST COLLECTION OF PHONES EVER. I can't stand how they had such LAME phones. With no variety. Like all of them are touch screen or smartphones. Just because it's the trend now. I wanted just my simple LG ice cream phone or a simple flip phone. But Singtel has a lame collection of flip phones. So, I just want the cute LG GW525 which looks like a toy phone! SO CUTE!! I wanna get it quick, quick, quick!! But I think I'll only get it late next month. So sad.

I'm gonna watch my drama now. See y'all.

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