F*ck Everything

5:09 PM

Just when I thought my life couldn't get any worse. It did.

My iPod's (Eiji) gone. Someone took it. And I know that ultimately it's my fault. My mum's pissed and I can understand 'cos she gave it to me as a present. It was damn expensive and it's gone. I feel so incredibly guilty. I will somehow have to save enough for another 'cos I am definitely making it up to her. Will I save enough? I dunno.

If you don't know me at all, just know how much time I invest into my iPod. It's practically my life.

Right now, I'm just so tired of crying so tired of everything going absolutely wrong. I am tired of trying to look at the bright side. 'Cos there isn't.

Fuck everything.

I don't care about anything anymore.

Now even my music is gone. I'm tired. I hate everything so much... And I hope the person who took Eiji from me dies.

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