Three Musketeers

10:15 PM

The block tests are over. Thank God! For now... Until the results come out and you know, my life is over. I will be flooded with remedials and work and all that shit. Soooo, I think it's important that I spend as much time as possible having fun before I die on the inside. So, On friday, Eileen, Weijian, Wanting and Chanel, we went karaoke-ing. IT WAS SO AWESOME 'cos I got to sing in english too. We found this CC that has this karaoke place which has sooooo many songs and are really cheap as well. PLUS it has alot of recent songs like even justin timberlake and rihanna's umbrella and T-pain's low. It was so awesome. And I liked hearing all the chinese songs too. I'm starting to like Jay Chou. Muahaha! Ny is making me chee-na. Whatever. I honestly think I'm the most musically diverse person since I know music across ALL genres across several languages. I listen from rock to jazz. I listen to english, korean, jap, hindi, chinese, malay, indo... You name it, I probably heard of it. So, I like talking about music to everyone. Wooh.

So, then just today, I finally went out with Sharleen and Diyanah after a trillion years. Okay, I actually get to hang out with Diy more since we both live in the same area. But Sharleen is rare since she's ALWAYS so busy with her poly projects. And she lives the furtherest. So, it was nice to have the three musketeers back together again. It feels like we're back in the secondary school days. I miss those days like SO bad. They were the awesomest. Ate at Shokudo in heeren. Love, love, love japanese food. Their waffles are to DIE for. It's at least an inch thick and it's so huge. The outside is all crispy and golden brown and the insides are soft and rich with that special buttery taste that you can only get with waffles. One is enough to satisfy all your sinful needs.

Some pics that I owe them from today...

Diy and Sharleen. Omg, they look so different. Don't be deceived by Sharleen's sweet smile. Muahaha!

Yes, yesss, Sharleen. I know you love me.

Diy, in Japan.

In a dressing room. Those are OUR clothes. We haven't tried anything on yet. Sharleen ended up buying this pair of really nice metallic looking shorts which are so hot. But since my ass is too huge, it looked god-awful on me. Sharleen that skinny little thing, of course took the 's' size. As I leave, empty handed... Darn my fat ass.

BFF. Sharleen copied my expression!

My hot korean high bang flying shoes. (TOP has the same shoes as ME!!, in silver)

Sharleen <3

*sigh* Love you guys, lah. Feels weird that we aren't in the same school.

Okay, the most anti-climax thing ever is the fact that I have to get up early tomorrow to go to freakin' school. Ugh. Hate school so much. It's back to business since block tests are now over. Including tennis training as well. Oh, God.

Well, at least I had fun today. Both my girlfriends are so hot. =)

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