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5:48 PM

Block tests are next week. Needless to say, I am screwed. Too exhausted to even revise. One night after training, I went to home and opened my econs textbook. I decided I should at least read a page. I began with, "Protectionism... Tariffs and subsidies..." and BAM! BLACK OUT!! Not as in my house black out but I literally fell asleep there and then. I only woke up (with a backache at 2am). Wah... This is extreme.

But I have found a reason to live, because FINALLY!! They have made a movie about ME!!

It's about time. Confessions of a shopaholic (aka THE BEST SERIES EVER WRITTEN IN THE ENTIRE CENTURY) is made into a movie.

YES!! There is reason to live.

Until the opening at least.

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