Oodles of Comfort

8:29 PM

Y'all might not know this but I am extremely sick now. My body is probably in the worse condition now than it has been in the past 18 years of my life. So, I couldn't go for NAPFA today and thus would have to do it alone. Which sucks ass.

So, basically I've been feeling pretty rotten the entire day. Eventhough yesterday was pretty good since I got to watch a really hyped theatre play at the esplanade which has Ethan Hawke and Rebecca Hall acting in it. It's basically an adaptation on Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale. I didn't really know that until the end of the play. I simply watched it with no real expectations and with the sole purpose of seeing Ethan. Who, by the way, did NOT disappoint. He looked EXACTLY like in the movies. And his voice is super dreamy. Plus, he nearly blew me AWAY when he serenaded the crowd with a guitar. I didn't know he could sing so well. The play was really chim, though. It was in shakespearean english so, it took me some time to process the dialoges and completely understand what the actors were trying to say. The actors were really top-notch though. So, anyone could've understood what was going on even without really understanding what they were saying. And I got to meet up with Sharleen and Diyanah as well before the play. Can't believe she made me go ALL the way to an ulu part of Dhoby Ghaut to eat at a Jap restaurant that already exists in Northpoint. Haha! Northpoint Rules, lah, seriously.


I hate being sick.

But my mum is so freakin' awesome. She knew that the only way to cheer me up was through... Food. Duh. So she made something special for dinner.

Tada! It's Meatball Noodles. =)

A speciality in Indonesia. It's is freakin' awesome! The soup is really savoury and herby which is good for my running nose, really clears it up. And the meatballs are cooked in a separate broth so it's really juicy and tender. The flavour just explodes in your mouth once you take a bite at it. Plus, it's all beefy and meaty. The dish isn't too heavy either 'cos it's noodles and the veggies and spring onions balance out the heavy meat flavour.

So, I'm in a much better mood now. Really full too.

Thank God for my mum.

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