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Hello world.

I am extremely exhausted seeing as the A'div season has arrived and I'll be playing third singles in my team. SINGLES for god's sake. It's practically suicide. And for some reason and some strange twist of fate I always play the captains or the 'best players' of the team. Geez. Here's a funny convo I had with my opponent while playing a match at VJC.

Me: *taps girl's shoulder* Whoa, you play really well. How long have you been playing tennis?
Her: Erm... I dunno. 10 years? ...You?
Me: 1.

Well, I had a good experience eventhough I was trashed like crazy. 'Cos DUH, she's like in a different league pls. I just played very relaxed and marvelled at her shots. I'm glad I could at least rally with her during the game and receive her super serve. I managed betterthan I expected so, I guess it's fulfilling in an underdog way.

I've been playing tennis like EVERYDAY. I'm suffering from overdosage. I think I'll stop playing for a LONG time after the season's over. God. Can you believe I had training on a saturday?! My saturdays are SACRED, I tell you. The only day I can wake sleep for 20 hours. At least lunch was nice. With the tennis people. =)

I hung out alot with my friends last week. And Diy sleptover at my place during the Good Friday weekend. Damn fun! We only slept when the sun rose at 7 and the birds were chirping. We ate tons of food and I made her fall in love with korean guys. And I made her cry by making her watch the most TOUCHING and one of my fave movies EVER, Ba:Bo. I went over to her place the week before that and camwhored with her like crazy. Not to mention, I went out with my other best friends, Jen and Dinah. We went to watch the movie that I've been waiting for since the start of 2009, Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was creepy 'cos it was like looking in a mirror. Still hilarious though! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Anyway, I'm tired of explaining my weeks. I'll just post pictures.

Two syllables: HA-HA! (YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU)

No one can beat us in spasticness. Hands down, man. We are hardcore. When people say spastic, they just stick their toungue out or blow up their faces... Pfft. Pussys, man. We more hardcore than that, yo.

And then, we can be perfectly normal. We the ultimate chameleons. =P

Photographic proof that we can out-twit Sharleen as well. HAHA!

Marc (Diy's macbook) is freakin' awesome, lah. Love the effects. they cover up all our flaws and make us look so nice. And I like this effect the most. It's so artsy-fartsy.

Dinah's so awesome. I miss her spasticness. And Wah, thai-horror movie worthy face. She would pass the audition as a thai ghost in a heartbeat.

The pretty Jen Lee and the cutie Dinah Bee. =)

The three ATC legends.

Jen and me. =) She looks so korean, pls.

Then, I hung out at Clarke Quay with my lovely tennis girls. Kaijia, Cherlyn and Macadia. We ate ice-cream and chilled. And I got to tower over them with my heels. Muahahaha!

Look at these skinny bitches! Haha! Omggg.... Now you see why I'm so confused about my thighs. We all play tennis and I DO NOT see why I got so freakin' muscular and HUGE while they remained their slim, slender selves. Geez. The world is unfair.

Taken with my 2 megapixel phone camera. Erika (my phone) is awesome. We bought tennis skirts together before this. I would DIE during trainings if it weren't for them, lah.

So basically, my friends rock. And I would be flying off a building if it weren't for them. School's the pits and the new poly sem would be starting next week. But I guess, things aren't as bad once you've got cool people to hang out with (who can practically read your mind).


That's all folks.

Don't let the man get you down!

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