Mum's the best.

9:37 PM

Check out what my mum made and what I ate today. If you guys don't already know, I love taking pictures of food. 'Cos honestly, what is MORE beautiful than food? Nothing, really. So, I basically have a folder of food pictures. All of which I ate. My mum makes the best stuff ever, seriously. Which explains my size. Having a mum that cooks amazing food is a blessing and a curse.

So, here's what I ate! Let me just say that my mum ACTUALLY made this out of SCRATCH. They are NOT store bought or whatever. And it's just my amazing photography skills that makes them look so awesome.

This is a savoury tart of some sort. It's really good 'cos the base is as brittle as a cracker but with the taste of a proper tart base. And the filling is this mashes potato and cream cheese thing. I dunno what the exact ingredients are but I know I tasted some herbs as well. It was good, to say the least.

This one's my FAVE thing ever. It's actually baked potato which has it's middle scooped out and replaced with this mixture of sausages, mozerella cheese, bell peppers and other delicious things. It's really good when it's just out of the oven 'cos the potato will be steamy and soft and the cheese is all gooey and sticky. Even the potato skin would be golden and crispy. =)

Finally my mum decided to make dessert since she just felt like it. I dunno why my mum was in such a cooking mood today but hey, I'm not complaining. She made this crepe thingy filled with cubed fruits and topped with vanilla ice-cream. It's really good 'cos there's a contrast of textures from the crispy base to the soft and cold ice-cream. The fruits gave it more flavour. It was awesome.

So, this was what I ate for my lunch and all my mum's experimentation on dishes were to my advantage. I'm so happy! And full! I would feel more guilty about the pounds I've piled on if it weren't for the fact that it tasted so awesome.

Sharifah loves food. =)

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