The Sugar Theraphy

5:57 PM

HELP!! I think I'm serious need of help. And I am desperately reaching out for it. I will not deny this fact that has been SO TRUE for the past weeks. If I continue at this destructive rate, I'm pretty sure I'm going to die.

Okay, someone pull the brakes. I bet you're all wondering what in the hell is this mad girl raving on about. I am talking about my sudden cravings for food that has practically taken over my life! And I have realized that all the foods that I have been craving are almost ALL sweet. I tell you, if I continue at the rate I am consuming ALL this sugar, I'm going to get diabetes when I'm 20 or soemthing. I am really worried here! Maybe it's 'cos I'm so stressed? 'Cos I have never had SO much cravings before. Wait, I think I have always had multiple cravings but I have never actually went out to fulfill the cravings due to my lacking in the financial department. But now, since O's are coming and the birthday ce;ebrations are on the down-low. I've been having enough money to FULFILL such massive cravings. My mouth just CANNOT stop eating. It's like a disease!! Plus, right now, I hardly go out to exercise anymore so, I have to balance everything. I really need help.

Just this week, I have consumed massive amounts of sweets and other unhealthy things (all at an unhealthy amount). I have sour skittles, those delicious Florida's Naturals orange nugget sweets, at least 5 doughnuts, a WHOLE tub of Ben & Jerry's (OHMYGOD, that was just heaven)... along with numerous bowls of Quaker oatmeal, triple decker sandwiches, glasses and glasses of juices, soybean milk, coke... HOLY CRAP!! I can't believe I ATE so much. Mind you these are things I eat between meals. I'm not even gonna MENTION about how much I eat DURING meals. This is MAJORLY troubling. I need to stop eating to much. But I dunno how! Food just taste SO GOOD!! And after my last tub of Ben & Jerry's, I really want another one. I can't though, that would be suicidal to my weight. The last tub I tried out was 'SMORES'. It was HEAVENLY!!! It's chocolate ice-cream with fudge chunks, toasted marshmallow and Graham cracker swirls. *drools* It was a miracle that I managed to make that tib last for TWO days. It was so good. The chocolate ice-cream was not too sweet and milky and when you scoop it up, you'll find all these chunks of chocolate fudge inside that you bite through and will then instantly melt in your mouth. Along with the not-too-sweet, just-nice ice-cream, you get the sweetness and chewyness from the gooey toasted marshmallow and the crunchyness and slight saltiness from the Graham carcker swirl. It's like an ice-cream biscotti. I ate it in front of the TV but in the end, found myself paying more attention to my food than the programme I was watching.

And this DOES NOT help that on Monday we're gonna take our height and weight yet again. I probably gained like... I don't even want to think about it. *shudders* And more good news for me, bad news for my weight: My other aunt from Indonesia came to visit after she finished up her work here in Singapore and brought with her this humongo, mucho caliente box of J.Co Doughnuts (which is the expensive version of Dunkin' Doughnuts). They have the weirdest posh-est variety of doughnuts but they taste AWESOME. I've already consumed quite an amount. Especially those which are chocolate related. Yes, people, as you can clearly see, this is a problem. A grave and serious problem that HAS to be put to an end this instant before it snowballs into something much, much worse.

Okay, other than my massive consumption of food, studying is another issue but I shall rave about it some other time. I wanna finish this entry quick so that I have enough time to chat and get some new tunes. I can't wait until I have enough money saved to start on my 'To-Buy' List. I'm saving up for a rainy day. And on that rainy day, when I feel so down and out, I shall bring out my cash and go SHOPPING!! The answer to depression. Yes, it is better than morphine. Here's what I'm hoping to buy first and probably won't buy in the end ('cos I always have such a hard time saving up):
1) A new school bag
2) Sneakers
3) Nice underwear
4) Posh Food
5) Inner Earphones
6) Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner

That's about it so far. Were you expecting an unreasonably long list with like 250 things to buy?! Please, lah! That would be my 'WISH' list, not my 'TO-BUY' list. I'm not made of money, you know. In fact, far from it.

Anyways, I hope you all will have a great week ahead. I wanted to blog about Harry Potter, but I don't want to be a spoiler ( I hate spoilers). So, I'll do that later on. Have a great week, people! =)

SInce you've been gone,
I've been lonely.
Wanting to be with you only...
(I heart Snape)

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