The Ups and Downs

4:36 PM

Whoa! This has been a really emotional week for me. Not just because of the bloody exams (which are FINALLY over!! YAY!!), but also because of a few other things. I wonder if I can cover everything in this blog entry. I doubt so 'cos it's been really hectic. I should just start and see.

I think I'm gonna sum up all the tests and how I think I did,
English: Compre was like shit but I managed to pass. (OMG!! I cannot believe that SO many people got such high marks for it. My ego was slightly crushed. I mean, I have always prided myself in my English, which isn't entirely faultless but still pretty good. And now, I'm just complete CRAP at it.)

Chemistry: I did quite well for this! I'm SO happy! (I love chemistry. Everyone knows that. I sincerely thought, at the start of the year, that I was gonna hate that subject. It looked absolutely impossible. But thanks to Mr Leow, I actually LIKE chem! Haha! I know Dinah MZ's probably gagging while reading this statement. But it the truth, surprisingly. Chem just makes sunse now!)

HMT: I don't even wanna think about it. (One word: FAILED)

Pure Lit: I don't think I'll do well for this one. (It was some-what do-able but the questions were So freakin' vague and I had no idea which 'second part' the question was referring to. Last I checked, there was no 'Part Two' of the bloody 'English Teacher'.)

Geography Elective: This was a relatively good paper for me. (I was able to answer all the questions pretty well. I deserve a good grade for this paper! I studied my ass off for this one. I mean, Ms Sheela isn't exactly the best geography teacher.)

Biology: I think this paper wasn't as tough as I thought it was gonna be. (I think I can pass this one. I studied really hard. I did loads of self-study. And with all the weird Bio terms I had to memorize, I think I studied quite well!)

E-Math: This paper was tough. I pray to God I can pass this one. (I worked quite hard for this subject and I don't think I did well. Let's be practical here, no one actually expects me to get op grades for this subject. I just hope I scrape a pass)

A-Math: Not bad. (I know many people say that the A-Math paper was tons easier than the E-Math one but I don't think so. I think it's all the same. I seriously gave up hope for A-Math. I studied hard but I felt really hollow. Like a robot. Just learning but in reality, I knew there was no hope. The paper surprised me 'cos I actually could answer some questions. So, maybe (just maybe) I can pass??)

Social Studies: It was a good paper for me. (I studied the hardest for this paper, I think. You can ask Dinah, by the day of my examination, I could recite the dates of the Race Riots, the number people who dies, the number people who were injured, the date of the Federal Elections, The seats won... Everything. I was a total nerd. And I was proud.)

Moving on to ATC sessions, I am so, so, SOOO worried. We have barely TWO weeks left till the Women's Week thing which we have to perform and we don't even have a proper solid script, or even the slightest hint of a proper, solid storyline. I'm really worried. I know that we're doing an improvisation piece and we don't need a detailed script but this is ridiculous. I am So nervous. I don't want ATC to make a fool of itself in front of the First Lady! Yes, you read right. The president's wife (Mrs Nathan herself) is gonna be there to watch us and all the other performances. I do NOT want to make a bad impression. I mean, who does?! She's the PRESIDENT'S WIFE!! She's a guest-of-honour! We have to prove ourselves. I hope she remembers me. I chatted with her for a while after she and the president watched Oi! Sleeping Beauty!. She thought that I was working already! It must've been 'cos I was wearing a suit and all.

I'm digressing. The point is, WE have to quicken the pace! We have to start work! All this mini-plays that we have to put up is taking up too many sessions. I know that our ideas will probably help with the production of the script but this is just nuts. By the way, I got chosen for some opening act thing for the Video Awards. I don't exactly know what I have to do but we had to stay back on Friday (the few of us) and do some Tablo thingys. Which is where they give you an extremely abstract word and we have to show it through movement in different speeds. The thing was, I wasn't exactly in the best mood. So, I pretended I was sick. Which I sort of was. My mind was a complete blank. Some of the words were passion, versatility, style... etc. I was so blur. I just stood there for some words. I got chosen for Passion though. I just pulled a danc-y pose with my hands and legs all stretched out. The lady liked it. Eventhough I don't really feel passionate, I made my body look it. So, phew! That day we ended up going home with this GIGANTIC group. There was Nithiya, Huda, Taufiq, Suffian, Dinah MZ, Halim, Priya, Jonathan... Wow, I never realized it was THAT big until I typed afew out.

The next day, Saturday, was a really busy, busy day for me. But it's good-busy. Not stressed-busy, y'know? I woke up at 7am that morning. Which is AMAZING since it's the weekend. I usually wake up at around 11am to 12nn. The weekends are after all, the ONLY days which I can afford to sleep in. My dad hates it when I sleep in. He thinks I'm being Lazy. And I keep telling him that I'm only lazy on weekends. So give me some face. He was so shocked to find up and about as early as 7. The reason was that Dinah MZ and I were going to go work out at the Gym.

I LOVE the gym. It's the place where I feel the fittest. There's just something about the gym that makes me feel all healthy and really raise my self-esteem. I asked DInah if she'd like to come. I seriously thought she would brush me off since she usually gets super angry when I start talking healthy. I really can't help it if I'm a health freak. I went through this whole 'Health' phase and it's hard to shake off the habit. I used to read health magazines (which are VERY informative no matter how skeptical you are, you cannot deny it!) and wtahc my diet and stuff. I worked out and everything. Since school re-opened, I haven't found the time to go to the gym. I've been so busy fussing about school and other problems. I decided to go to the gym. It was time for me to raise my self-esteem and it was time to raise Dinah's self-esteem. So, I thought maybe a trip to the gym would help her. I mean, OBVIOUSLY she doesn't need to lose anymore weight. God, if she did, she'll definitely disappear from the face of this Earth. The trip was purely to raise her self-esteem (it always works for me) and to help her build some muscles (so that she can finally open those bottle caps without my help). The work-out was great. I worked on my arms, tummy, thighs and legs. I only had a glass of milk before I went for gym so, I had an apple after that. So healthy, right? the thing about gym is that it never gets me hungry. it just gets me thirsty. Just like tennis. Which is a good thing, of course. I walked around with Dinah for a while after the work out, eventhough I was actually very behind schedule. I was supposed to get ready for this movie thing. So, in the end, I had only half an hour to get ready. I bathed the fastest I've ever bathed and threw on some stuff. I hardly did a thing to my hair and wore a bit of eye kohl.

Well, of course, I was late. As usual. I looked around the cinema and found the guys there (Halim, Akmal and Fauzi). Surprisingly, Taufiq and Dinah Bee wasn't there. He just called me that morning and he said that he would come and I assumed that Halim would tell Dinah the details since they were in the same class and all. Naturally, they had to wait for me since I was the only one with an IC with me. They wanted to watch Final Destination 3. Frankly, I'm not a big fan of all these Death movies. It's just about people dying horrible, gory deaths. Whoa! That sounds like SO much fun! But I already promised Halim, Suffian and Taufiq that I'd help get them the tickets. In return, they have to give me the most fabulous Birthday present from them. I don't exactly have high expectations since they're not really all that sensitive.

So, anyway, I suddenly realized that I was the only girl. Which sort of made me feel uneasy at first. But then I realized that Fauzi isn't exactly counted as a guy. I felt much better. Haha! When it was time to buy the tickets, I told them to give me their money. Each of them gave me ten bucks. Then, I just looked at Halim expectantly. He promised to 'belanja' me if I help them buy the tickets. I gave him that 'you-promised-and-you-have-no-choice' look plus a, "Please?". Finally, he sighed, took out his eallet and took out another ten dollar note. I thanked him and went up to the ticket counter. I felt abit nervous. I went up to the Malay ticket girl and asked for 4 tickets to Final Destination 3. It went well at first. She asked for my IC and I gave it to her. She looked at it and gave it back to me. I took it from her, smiling. Then, she said, "I need to see the others' ID as well please." Inside, I was like, "Shiiiiit!!" I looked around and went, "I don't know where they are. I think they're late so I thought I could buy the tickets for them first and we could rush in." She looked suspicious at first but I gave her my most sincere look. She then said, "Ok but if they don't have their IDs, they can't gte in and there will be no refunds, k?" I almost sighed with relief. I gave her my most radiant smile and said, "Okay!" She tore for tickets and smiled back, "Enjoy the show!" I took the tickets and chnage cheerfully. I made my way to the guys looking triumphant. I slapped the tickets on the table and beamed.

In my head, I was yelling, "I DID IT!!" While Akmal andFauzi were buying the popcorn, I told Halim what the ticket girl had said. He just nodded and looked all 'I-hope-that-will-never-happen'. Once we're ready, we headed off to the theater. I passed the tickets to the Lady Who Rips The Tickets. She was about to rip the tickets when she read the title and took a good lok at us. She then asked to see our ICs. Inside, I was screaming, "SHIIIT!! MAJOR SHIIIIIT!!" Outside, I was like, "Okay!". My heart began to beat super fast but I made sure that my exterior was calm with mild exasperation.

I showed her my IC but she just glanced at it. I think she was more interested with guys'. She went like, "What about the rest of you?" I told her that they forgot their ICs and we thought one would be enough. I switched into major lying mode and put on this act. I looked all exasperated at the guys as if saying, "This is all your fault for forgetting to bring your stupid ICs! Idiots!". Then, I gave her the 'Boys-will-be-boys' look. She looked hesitant for a moment but I knew I must've made some sort of impact. Then, she looked at Akmal. Damn, Akmal! For being baby-faced! Suddenly, this other Malay girl came carrying 2 huge bags of popcorn. The Lady Who Rips The Tickets told her the problem. She wouldn't let us in and she said it's 'cos some of us (I think it's Akmal) really don't look 16. She said it was a compliment. Jeez! The Popcorn Girl said that the most they can do now was to change the movie to a non-rated one. I loked at Halim and he shrugged and agreed. He was the one who really wanted to watch Final Destination 3. God knows why. So, I went out to the ticket counter - again. While the guys sat at the table and watched, stuffing themselves with Nachos and popcorn.

The rouble did not end there though. The Chinese Ticket Girl (a different one) refused to change our tickets. By that time, I was determined and a tad bit pissed. I spoke to her in my most confident and authoritive voice. I think she chickened out. So, she brought out the big guns. She called the MANAGER!!! I wasn't daunted. Siffian (he came late) was beside me, looking all confused and mortified. I spoke to the Lady Manager and informed her of our 'situation'. I lied flawlessly and described for her the girl who told us that we can change the movie when the manager asked me to. Then, she called the girl and talked to her through the FREAKIN' INTERCOMM!!! I was SO embarrassed. The entire Cathay staff could hear their conversation. The manager was saying that the movie had already started and that we cannot change the movie after it had started. She came back and after much polite insistents and persuasions and careful handling of the situation, I managed to change the movie to The Pink Panther. Plus, I added Suffian's ticket to the list.

I was kindda proud of myself. I mean, I talked to the manager and all. Not bad, eh?

The movie was damn FUNNY!! We were all laughing our butts off. Full of slapstick humour and a ridiculous plot. Steve Martin was great. He had such a believable yet exaggerated French accent. The movie was FAB!!

After the movie, I helped Halim buy for him Underworld. and got myself an ice-cream from KFC... THE ICE-CREAM WAS SO FREAKIN' JINXED!!! It was melting like crazy! I couldn't eat it fast enough 'cos it was melting so quick. So the melted chocolate was running down my fingers and soaking the paper which wrapped the cone. It dripped everywhere. It was HORRIBLE!! I had chocolate ALL over me! My hair, my face, my mouth, my hands, my feet... EVERYWHERE!!! Halim was sniggering at the sight of me struggling with my jinxed ice-cream. But at least he helped me get some tissue and stuff. Afew other klutzy things happened after that but I'll blog about it next time. My time time is running out.

Today, my family went out to Clarke Quay. Shopping!! I walked through this market place thingy where they sold all these vintage stuff. I bought myself this CD of this old Soul/R&B group for 2 bucks!! I LOVE VINTAGE STUFF!!

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