No More Batik (Literally)

5:54 PM

No More Magic. No More Oi! Sleeping Beauty!. Yesterday was our last show. It was very bittersweet, y'know? The last day is always the best show 'cos it's when we REALLY give it our all since it would be our last time doing whatever we're doing. I savoured every moment I had on stage. The Last Day is also the day when the actors do really funny things to disturb their other fellow actors. We, teens, also got into the 'funny' mode. During "It's Fun To Be A Fairy", there's a line which goes "We're happy and gay!" and at that line, all of us (Ivan, Jackie, Qistina and I) pointed at Hatta. Gosh! You should have seen Hatta's FACE!! It was HILARIOUS!! There was alot of butt-pinching, butt-mooning and butt-grabbing. And then Jackie had this Fab idea. She, Kathleen and I were part of the very sad 'When You Wake' scene. It's when the King and Queen were singing their song to their sleeping child. We coloured our front tooth black so that when we smiled... Well, you get the idea. Jackie gave us handkerchieves to pretend crying. I mean, we don't want the audience to see us. They would laugh at this emotional scene, right? We just wanted to disturb the fairies. They were really good. I never would've thought that they even saw it. But they did. Backstage they were like laughing and all. The show was packed with so much energy that night.

When it was curtain call, I felt really proud as Ivan Heng made a heart-warming speech. Then, came our last song: Let's Have a Kampong Christmas. I sang my heart out and danced with so much gusto. Like there was no tomorrow! And for this show... There really wasn't. And as I screamed, "WAKE UP!!!" and the confetti exploded onto the stage, the crowd cheered and clapped. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. It was sadness, it was happiness, it was pride, it was amazing. I just stood there, at the back of the stage (the platform on which I was dancing on) and gazed at the audience, the cast... Everybody. It was awesome. Everybody was so happy and smiling and with costumes and stuff. Then I felt this massive wave of sadness that just washed over me. I felt my eyes prickling with tears. I felt my throat tightening. I just stood there, trying desperately not to cry 'cos I didn't see anyone else crying. I stood there clapping my hands with this almost constipated look on my face. It was the last time. And it was the first time. I know that probably didn't make sense to you. You see, this is my very first BIG thing. I have never been exposed to SO many talented people and to such a LARGE audience. It was the greatest experience I've had so far. I learnt SO many things. I've met SO many people. So when the song ended and the confetti rained the stage, it was so... incredible. I was glad that the screen went down and the lights went out 'cos I didn't want anyone to see me looking like I just ate wasabi.

I gave Reene a big hug after she took out my mike pact for the last time. I forced myself to calm down before going to remove the fake hair that I had on. I gave Ashley the hairstylist a hug after that. Gosh, I sound like a emotional freak but DAMN IT!! I can't HELP IT!! I felt like hugging everyone!! They were all so kind to me over the past 2 months. I sat in the Green Room with Qistina, waiting for the kids. You see, the kids had been practising for this mini show that they were gonna put up for everyone. In the end, I went to clean up our Dressing Room and I almost missed the show. They were so cool! The kids, especially Kimberly, were eally good at re-cheoregraphing "Fun to be a Fairy" and "Practically Perfect City". After their awesome performance, I hugged all of 'em. Not surprised, huh?!

Ivan and Kat left early. Duane and Salif too. But I think they saw the show, as well. Qistina, Ebi, Umar and I cleaned up the dressing room and got ready to go home. But on our way to the lift, I hugged Juraidah (Our assistant stage manager), Ni (Our assistant stage manager too), Wana (My dresser), Ivan Heng (Our Director. I hugged him twice), Gordon (Our beloved Major Domo!), Enlai (Our Amazing Fairy Chachambo), Lynn (one of our dressers) and Kai (The Kids' Baby-sitter). When we were out of the lift and on our way out, Helmi (Our Oh-so-hilarious Fairy Tipah Tertipu) came running in. I said bye. I wanted to hug him but he seemed to be in a rush. Outside, there were more people. I hugged Gani (Our Great Fairy Munneru Valiba), Hatta (My fellow villager and the Cheesy Prince Bin Charming), Rizal (Our Drummer extrodinaire) and Zoe (Our Cast Party Host and Sexy SingaCorp Tour Guide). I also hugged Qistina goodbye and said bye to Ebi and Umar on the train.

I was all very sad and happy. I miss SO many people already! I miss Ivan, Kat, Ebi, Umar, Qis, Jackie, Helmi, Hatta, Karen, Gani, Juraidah, Ni, Ashley, Pauline... Damn, the list is gonna be too long to type out. Oi! Sleeping Beauty! is my very first BIG production. I really hope that I'll get another chance like this one. It was so amazing. It sucks when it ended though. But I got tons of cards and little goodbye gifts. I must say, though, the things that I will treasure the most will be the program book which I have asked the cast and crew to sign, the CD and the group photo with the president and his wife that Ivan Heng had given us.

Truly Bittersweet...

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