It will all End

3:11 PM

Only FOUR more shows left and after that... I HAVE TO HIT THE BOOKS!! I have the supremely STUPID Math Mastery Test on the 28 Dec. I am very, very sure that the Dinahs, Shahidah and Raihana are gonna kick my butt in the test results. Dinah MZ has been studying so hard and I'm sure she'll especially do well. I, on the other hand, have to just hope to scrape a pass. I have not even TOUCHED my Math book. I've been so busy with the performances and all. Damn! I HAVE TO PASS!!!!! I can't write very much now since I have to hurry for a Cast Party tonight. I just had to do the 'assignment' that Dinah MZ has appointed me:

5 random facts that you may/may not know about me
1. I am severely Claustrophobic and Acrophobic. No, it's not some weird disease. It actually means that I am afraid of enclosed spaces and heights. It's almost like a psychological retardation. When I'm in a tight space, I feel as if the walls are closing in on me and I won't be able to breathe properly. It's something like Asthma, I guess. It's the same for heights, only I feel like I'm falling.

2. I wanna audition for Singapore Idol. Even if I know that I probably won't win. But I don't think I'll do that even if I WANT to.

3. I am very into Bollywood. I love hindi movies and I'm nuts about the actors there. I have a slight obsession on Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan. Not to mention John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan..blah-blah, you get the idea.

4. I LOVE jazz. It sounds kind of weird but it's true. I listen to old jazz and contemporary jazz. I know it sounds boring but I like it so I don't really care.

5. I think of myself as a Shopaholic but in reality I am just a midget compared to the people I've met. I love to SHOP even if I have absolutely NO money. Which is really terrible 'cos I don't exactly come from a well-off family. That's fine though... But I may have to marry someone rich. ;)

I have gotten myself contact lens. No, you haven't read wrong. I truly HAVE gotten myself a pair of contacts! Monthly ones. Gosh, I remembered the day when I said that I will never have Contacts 'cos I'm scared of poking my eyeballs. Never say Never, right? So I got myself a pair of contacts (plain, non-coloured). It costed FORTY BUCKS!! FORTY STINKIN' DOLLARS!!!! That's fine though. It's worth it 'cos I'm going to the party and all.

Oh, I almost forgot! Today's my sis's birthday. Happy Birthday to Her! And to Andy: I cannot go online!! i can't log in. God knows why! I'm so damn pissed about it. So I can just tag. Pathetic, right? Anyway, that's all I can write now. I have to go get ready for the party!! :)

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