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I watched King Kong with Dinah MZ and Shahidah. After the supremely STUPID Math Mastery Test. I mean, you would think that the teacher's would cut us some slack and let us pass with the basics in mind. But Jeez!! They were brutal! I seriously thought that our SA2 paper was much more easier. And it's 50% for EACH PAPER!! How merciless is that?! Paper 1 was much more managable so if there was more percentage in paper one... maybe I could have scraped a pass but... Okay, I'm definitely gonna be a 'Diamond' or 'Pearl' or whatever. And if I'm gonna be a Diamond, I'm gonna be Paris Hilton's 24 karat diamond! If I'm gonna be a Pearl, I'm gonna be Kino's pearl. And if I'm gonna be a whatever... Erm... Sorry, that had nothing to do with what I wanted to say. The point is that the Math Mastery Test was Murder!

I LOVE PETER JACKSON!!!! My fave movie of all time is The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. And when I heard that my all-time favourite director was going to direct King Kong, I was like... 'Oooookay.... King Kong? I'm not too sure about that. Wasn't that the ancient movie with the giant ape and the screaming blonde chick?' But you see, I have such faith in my favourite Director. I was sure that he would be able to turn that very barren plot into something worth watching. I mean, DUH!!! He's The Peter Jackson. By the way, our rolly-polly peter jackson has lost a massive amount of weight. He's really thin now. Which is a shame since I liked him fat and cheery, y'know?

Anyway, I'm diverting here. About the movie, it's SO good! I can really tell that it was Peter Jackson's work. His vision and special effects are similar to LOTR. Naomi Watts was the screaming blonde chick. She's very pretty and her eyes are really mesmerizing. It holds a lot emotion. And speaking of emotions... Kong is just an amazing creature! His eyes are a great shade of brown and he sort of communicates through it. You can tell SO much by just looking at his eyes. There was this part where Anne (Naomi Watts) was rescued by Adrien Brody using this boat and Jack Black's character wanted to capture Kong. So, this Captain dude shot Kong with this Gigantic Harpoon and it stabbed him right at the leg. Kong roared but his eyes showed so much pain and suffering. Then, that Captain Asshole shot another harpoon at him. By this time, Kong was already on his knees, in the water. Anne was screaming, "No! No!". I was abit pissed. I mean, why did't she actually DO something instead of simply screaming?! Anyway, Kong was in so much pain. He extends his ape-hands to the boat in which Anne was in, hoping that she would go on it. He sort of looked at her with a pleading and pained look. His eyes was SO FREAKIN' SAD!!! I just teared up. I couldn't help it! Anne made her way to the front of the boat but before she could go on Kong's hand, that Jack Black's character (who's this freaky director) threw a bottle of chloroform at Kong's face. The bottle smashed on his face and the substance hissed on his face. Kong closed his eyes and shook his head. It was like a helpless creature in pain. Then, he blacked out and Kong was captured.

But the movie is not all sad and touching. It's a rollicking ride of terror and FUN!! When they first stepped on the island, they met this tribe of Savages. They were TERRIFYING!! They were a slight shade lighter than black, their teeth an appaling shade of pus-yellow and they had weird bone-piercings all over themselves. It was sick. They attacked the crew like MONSTERS!!! Seriously speaking, I think that THEY were way more scary than Kong. They smashed the heads of some of the crew. With this weird spiky club. And they were hideous. I'm serious. They were hideous. All dirty with warts and blood-shot eyes. They were screehing and wailing in some strange language...

However, the Savages weren't the only scary things in the movie. OH, MY GOD!! THERE WERE GIANT CREEPY-CRAWLIES IN THE ISLAND!!! There were Giant spiders, and some wierd cricket thingy. The worst was this gross leech-like slimy thing which lived in the muddy waters of the valley. In fact, there were several on them. They open their mouths and you can see sharp teeth. And I was thinking, "EEEWW!! That CANNOT get any more gross!" Boy, was I wrong. The Slimy Toothed Leech did a very 'Aliens vs Predators' thing. His mouth crawled out of it's mouth. Ok, that was probably not a very good description. What I thought was the leechs' mouth was actually it's toungue or something which has teeth as well. It was the sick-est thing I have ever laid eyes on. It grabbed this guy's leg and it started sucking the guy's leg using it's teeth to clamp on the guy's leg, slowly pulling itself upwards. Yuck, yuck, yuck!! Then, another one clamped itself onto the guy's arm. At that moment I thought things definitely couldn't get worse. Next, another leech thing came up behind the guy and actually clamped on the guy's HEAD!!! I seriously wanted to puke. It started sucking the guy's head. It was SOOO GROSS!!!

Another gross creature was this Giant Centipede. It lived in this rotting log. Anne was running away from this carnivorous dinosaur so, she slipped into the log where the dino couldn't get her. Then, I saw something crawl above her. Slowly, I could see that it was an enormous centipede with it's wiggly legs crawling all over the place. It went closer ro Anne's face. I could see the claws in it's mouth. It's feelers touched Anne's face. I was like totally freaking out at time. Anne just sat there. Out of nowhere, one more giant centipede appeared behind her and it began to crawl on her. I almost FELT those DISGUSTING LEGS CRAWLING ALL OVER ME!!!! She finally freaked out and ran out of the log.

It was SO exciting. I was gasping and gripping my seats. It was SO cool. My saddest scene has to be when Kong was attacked by the Army. He was on top of the tower where he and Anne had shared a very special moment when they were rudely interrupted by the airplanes with guns and stuff. Kong made sure that Anne was safe before trying to attack the planes. He was shot so many times. In the end, Anne came up to the top and screamed at the planes, "NO!! NO!!!" (That's the only line I can remember her saying). And the planes departed. Kong was badly injured though. He was barely hanging on, almost falling. As Anne touched Kong, sharing another special moment, the planes came back and Kong was shot several times at the back. I was like, "NOOO!!! WHAT THE -?!!". He roared in pain and looked at Anne with this puppy-dog eyes. I could see so much depth and emotion and Love in him. For a moment, his eyes actually chnaged and it sort of went blank. I literally could see his soul disappear from his eyes. I just knew that Kong was gone. I guess that's how people see. It was so heart-wrenching. He simply slipped off the tower and fell.

Before the show ended, while the reporters took pictures of the poor dead Kong, and the Army boys taking credit for his sad death, Jack Black came up to se the body. A guy beside him said, "The planes finally got him!!" Jack Black just stared at the lifeless Kong and said, "No, it wasn't the planes. It was Beauty who killed the Beast.".... Whoa! That's beautiful, huh? I'll never forget that line. Anyway, the movie was amazing. I loved it. And it's SO much more than a giant ape with a screaming blonde chick. I highly recommend this.

P.S: I can't understand how Dinah writes such long entries. This is one of my longer pieces but only about HALF of hers!! Haha!

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