Gloomy Update

1:26 PM

Well, hello there.

I know I went on a huge blogging/reading kick after the semester ends and now I practically went completely MIA the later half of December. Like literally, MIA from my blog, facebook, twitter... Basically I just stayed offline, most of the time. And to be honest I have no idea why. It's not like I don't use my com, I do. I just feel really lousy lately. I guess this always happens towards the end of another year.

My year is ending on a low note as I'm so stressed from all the uni stuff. There were not enough funds on my dad's CPF and then I can't get my exams results and now I can't bid for my modules. So I'm pretty sure that my coming semester (if I can afford it) will be filled with horrible leftover modules once everything is sorted out. Christmas was uneventful as Jen is currently in Perth on a holiday with her family and most of my friends are working. I would've loved to get a job but I couldn't find one so on top of everything, I am dead broke. It's not a nice feeling to end the year with. And to be honest, makes me dread 2012 even more.

I'm just so super stressed. I missed out the first two bidding rounds. I'm probably doomed for next sem.

Also, the Christmas sales are haunting me everywhere. But I kinda can't go as crazy as I would like to. I had a skin freak-out moment and had rashes all over my face (AGAIN) thanks to my ultra sensitive skin. Which was why I stayed home for the first week of December. I spent most my money on medication and switching out my skincare routine again. I am, however, shopping a little for some clothes which I desperately need. I have been repeating clothes like there's no tomorrow. It's quite sad. But I'm glad I got at least a couple of good buys this season. I'm going on a buying ban next month (hopefully), simply 'cos I think I have gone WAY over my limit this season. Eventhough majority of my money went to skincare stuff.

BUT I HAVE TO TRY. At least one month where I don't go crazy with sales. Especially since I don't even have a job. THIS IS A MUST for me to conquer. That means, no book hauls, no more bags or shoes and DEFINITELY DEFINITELY NO MORE MAKEUP. DEFINITELY. But that one is soooo hard to actually stick to 'cos I always subscribe to so many beauty channels and there are about a BAZILLION products that I would love to try. But oh well. I will try and not spend any more on makeup (nail polish excluded, 'cos I love it way too much).

I suppose this is the time where I have to look back on 2011 and think of new resolutions for 2012.

But I think I will leave that post for another day. 'Cos I am not really a new year resolutions kind of girl. I am pretty aimless. Just try to get through each day as it comes. On my blog, I wrote these as my 2011 resolutions...

"This leads me to my main three goals of this 2011:

1. Earn/save enough money to visit Jen in UK
2. Learn another language
3. Lose weight ('cos weighing the same as my friends who are heads taller than me is embarrassing)"

Of which I have failed most. So... YYEEEAAAA.... I am not too sure about making up a new list.


On a brighter note, I just realized that I have had this blog since 2005. So I have officially been blogging on this thing for about 6 years. WHOA. This is practically 6 years of my life and thoughts randomly recorded. Time seriously flew by.

Admittedly, this is an extremely pointless blog post. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive (fortunately/unfortunately). Everyone's buzzing about the new year and I'm moping about alone. *sigh* Well, I promise more reviews to come and more updates.

Do check out my second blog for more girly things.

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