October will be the death of me.

8:02 PM

I'm pretty impressed that I got through this week. Although it is arguably one of the worst weeks EVER. I had THREE whole essays due this week. All of which 2500 words along with tons of research and citations to deal with. Honestly, University is such a bitch. They need to have more sense in their system and not just LUMP everything is one week as if I have no other modules to worry about. And the questions made my brain ache. As I typed out my paragraphs, the further in the I got, the more I realized that I was just writing a bunch of crap. HENCE, I am pretty darn sure that I will be scoring majorly low on them. 'Cos I didn't even think I answered the questions properly. I was too busy trying to meet the deadlines. 'Cos to me, bad essays are better than late essays. So yea~

On top of that I had my speech contest to deal with, and I was stressing over that for AGES. I saw all the contestants and it was SO IMPRESSIVE. Everyone was friggin' AMAZING. And I could see who the clear-cut winners are. It's the preliminary rounds, I know that this is a good oppurtunity, but it's only a good one when I stand a chance to win. What's the point of being top ten when you OBVIOUSLY know that you won't win anything. It's reserved for top 3. So, I hope I dun make it. I really hope I dun.

I'm really happy that I have the entire Sunday to myself and I finally get to sit down and do nothing but read and watch animes and eat. It feels great that I dun have a deadline looming above my head. Well, I do actually, and I have to get started on my presentation next week. BUT, I will deal with that when monday arrives, sort of. I just want to take ONE DAY and really just enjoy it without all this crap clogging my life.

I'm sorry I sound so depressing and angry. It's hard to be all cheery and la-di-da when you've had a crappy week and an equally crappy week ahead. But despite all this madness, I managed to continue reading. At least some chapters here and there. And watched afew more episodes of 'Ao No' Exorcist', my FAVOURITE anime at the moment. I am so in LOVE with Rin, it's not even funny. Seriously, I think I will be alone forever thanks to my bloody Otaku mentality that just makes me unconsciously compare guys around me with Anime characters (who obviously pwns them in every way humanly/inhumanly possible). NO ONE can live up to them. Sometimes, being an Otaku is tough. LOL!

Highlight of this week would be meeting up with Diy finally, after what felt like ages. And hanging out with Gaya. I appreciate every single moment of social interaction that I am bestowed with 'cos they are truly rare and precious to me. Uni has turned me into a hermit, against my wishes. And I am too busy trying to meet deadlines and worrying about things, not bothering to make friends, 'cos what's the point? They'll once the semester ends. So, I got to shop a little with Gaya and bought the Body Shop Lip roll-on thing. Feels really good, but thanks to my super sensitive lips, I can wear it as often as I'd like. Mineral oils irritate them a little (just like EVERYTHING ELSE apparently, except vaseline). AND I got to play Timezone again, which is the best stress reliever ever. I always feel so good when I am concentrating on shooting zombies and spies, all the worries I had are immediately pushed to the back of my mind.

Anyways, I have a really tough week ahead. AGAIN. I really hope I have enough strength to get me through this month. It is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE.


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