giveaway, I try.

5:09 PM

Okay, you all know I am a stinkin' nerd... Well not really a nerd 'cos nerds have to be ridiculously smart and all. But I am a huge bookworm on top of being a makeup-junkie. And my blog is by no means a book blog but I dunno, somehow it became infested with book related posts and I know 'cos Keetha constantly complains to me about how freakin' boring my blog has become. Can't help it! And technically, it's still a personal blog.


Meanwhile, there are TONS of book blogs out there that I read from time to time so that i know what to buy next in my book hauls. And almost all have a giveaway of some sort, which is AMAZING. I entered so many, but knowing my luck, as expected, I haven't won a single one. It's amazing how unlucky I am. But I still try anyways. Here's only of the book blogs that I do love to read. Natalia (the blogger) is have an autumn giveaway. Amazing selection of books! =)

Dazzling Reads

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